Which Sports Have the Best Online Communities?

Which Sports Have the Best Online Communities?

One of the best things about being a sports fan is the sense of community. Many people have formed their friendship groups around mutual support of one team, while others enjoy the pastime of keeping up to date with all the latest news. With the invention of the internet, the community has expanded even more so. Now, we can watch and chat about the most recent games with fans from across the world. As such, in our article today, we’re going to be looking at which sports have the best online communities surrounding them. Keep reading to see if your favourites are included within our list.

Which Sports Have the Best Online Communities?

1.) Mixed Martial Arts

We of course had to include mixed martial arts in this article. Nothing beats the passion and fervour that MMA fans have for their favourite sport. Not only is MMA more inclusive than other sports – covering both male and female matches – but it’s also more exciting and dynamic, being a close-quarters cage fight where all kinds of martial arts are allowed. Resultantly, a colourful online community has formed around it.

2.) Football

Being one of the most (if not the most) popular sports in the world, inevitably football was going to have a powerful and passionate online community. Millions of people use websites dedicated to the game every day, religiously checking for updates, watching highlight reels, and reading speculative news articles. Sometimes, being a member of the football fanbase is actually more fun than watching the games yourself.

3.) eSports

Moving onto something slightly different, let’s look at the eSports online community. eSports are video games which are played online competitively, either individually or as a member of a team. They have become hugely popular in recent years, building a formidable online following. With the rise of eSports, casino and gaming sites, finding the best site to suit your tastes and budget can take up a lot of time. Comparison sites such as Kabono as a prime example of its genre can save players a lot of time locating sites and comparing them to each other before taking the plunge.

4.) Basketball

Like football, basketball has a huge online following because of its popularity in the real world. Many US citizens feel particularly passionate about basketball as it’s so deeply tied to American history. Going online, you can find thousands of websites dedicated to the sport. From blogs on the best NBA players of all time to academic articles analysing the cultural impact of basketball on the world, there’s no denying the powerful community surrounding this game.

5.) Baseball

Despite being less popular in countries like the UK, baseball has developed a massive online presence. It’s not uncommon to find discussions on social media platforms like Twitter surrounding the most recent developments of the baseball season. What’s more, one of the most popular sports websites in the world is dedicated to baseball. It’s also not uncommon to find franchises for the New York Mets or New York Yankees online, indicating just how huge this sport is within internet communities.

These are some of the sports with the best online communities surrounding them. We love seeing how the internet has connected people with a shared passion for sports games.

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