Wimp 2 Warrior Melbourne Season 2 Finale PPV Live Stream

Wimp 2 Warrior Melbourne Season 2 Finale PPV Live Stream

Order the Wimp 2 Warrior Melbourne Season 2 Finale from the Melbourne Pavilion in Kensington, Victoria, Australia. The broadcast begins at 4 a.m. EST here in the United States.

Watch below:

In February this year, 42 everyday individuals signed up for a challenge that would put their physical and mental states to the test – throughout the space of 6 months, they would push through a gruelling fight camp that would lead them to touch gloves in a fully sanctioned MMA fight.

For the 32 remaining contestants, the W2W Melbourne Finale brings all their hard work and discipline to the cage, as they get matched up to face each other.

Be prepared to see the transformations as the newly formed amateur fighters show off a display of athleticism and grit. From having little or no experience in MMA training, they’ve embraced the fighter lifestyle to make drastic changes towards their diet, fitness and skillsets.

This card is set to feature an exciting display of grappling, striking and submissions – you’d be crazy to miss the buzz!

  1. Homer Du vs Jason Ferreira
  2. Andrew Hucklebridge vs Leigh Andrianopoulos
  3. Jarred Scoffern vs Matthew Cossens
  4. Luke Lange vs Jimmy Dixon
  5. Darren Larkman vs Zeb Grant
  6. Lee Thomas vs Ben McGaw
  7. Andrew Menelaou vs Louise McKenzie
  8. Erin Healy vs Angelica Silva
  9. Mahesh Fernando vs Craig Dunlop
  10. Hannah Meade vs Hana Brunner
  11. James Summersby vs Joshua Bekker
  12. Corey Marshall vs Tom Ceh
  13. Cortney Hansen vs Alex McNeill
  14. Sandeep Bammi vs Naim Bashir

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