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Zu Anyanwu looking to start his rise in UFC with new Contender Series Interviews MMA News 

Zu Anyanwu looking to start his rise in UFC with new Contender Series

At 13-4 and ranked as the number one heavyweight in New Jersey according to Tapology, Zu Anyanwu (3TC) has deservedly received the call to the UFC to compete on the inaugural episode of the new “Contender” series on Tuesday, July 11.

The series, broadcast on UFC Fight Pass, is Dana White’s newest brainchild to enrich the UFC with even more talent.  Zu will be lining up across the cage from Greg Rebello (22-7).  Zu has been the top heavyweight in NJ/PA for quite some time now. It’s surprising that it took this long as the three time Cage Fury Fighting Championships (CFFC) champion has cleaned out the division.

Zu comes from a very proud and successful family.  Both of his parents are from Nigeria, and settled in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA,  where he was born and raised. Zu has four sisters who keep him on his toes and are very successful themselves.

I know that this is something he has wanted for a while and it has been earned. The 3TC has trained with the some of the best mentors in the mixed martial arts community.  Currently, you can find him with the big boys at Hellfish MMA and his home base of MPR Endurance under the tutelage of his head trainer Erik Purcell.  I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with this popular, magnetic gentleman over the last several years.

Please listen in below, as I spoke with the newest UFC heavyweight about love, life, and fighting in the UFC.


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'Beautiful' Bob Meloni

'Beautiful' Bob Meloni

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