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2021 Tokyo Olympics to go on “with or without COVID”

The 2021 Tokyo Olympics will go on, according to vice-president of the International Olympic Committee, John Coates. He said that “with or without COVID” the Games will go on as scheduled in 2021. The Tokyo Olympics were originally scheduled to take place in June of 2020 until the pandemic had it’s way and canceled the Olympics along with everything else.

Coates went on to call the 2021 Tokyo Olympics the “Games that conquered COVID.” in an interview with BBC News. He went on to say that the events past 2021 will not be postponed, meaning the next Olympics scheduled for 2024 will go on with only a three year gap in between games.

“The Games were going to be their theme, the Reconstruction Games, after the devastation of the tsunami,” said Coates, referring to the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that rocked Japan. He continues, “Now, very much these will be the Games that conquered COVID, the light at the end of the tunnel.”

While there is still a possibility that the Games will be limited in 2021, the IOC and other commissions plan to go on as scheduled.

The 2021 Tokyo Olympics and Combat Sports Fans

The 2021 Tokyo Olympics features combat sports for fans around the world. Wrestling, boxing, taekwondo, judo and the newly minted sport, karate. Karate, a Japanese sport, was set to make it’s debut in the Games and is still on track to do so.

Fans will also have amateur boxing to look forward to as countries from around the world duke it out. In addition to boxing, wrestling is at it’s largest it’s ever been. The US has a battle for the Team USA spot as Jordan Burroughs and Kyle Dake are seemingly on a collision course to represent their country.

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