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3 Isolation Exercises Which One Must Not Skip In Gym

If building strength, developing hypertrophy is something you are looking for in your training, then compound lifts play a vital role in it. Heavy big lifts target plenty of muscles and then chewing up their energy, bringing muscle fibers into the work and then generating more Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). Every gym freak knows how important compound lifting and HIITs are. Also, it is known that compound lifts are way better than isolation exercises. But, compound lifts do the same job as isolation exercises? DO all the muscle groups are been targeted in compound lifts? No, it is not the case. There are many isolation exercises which target certain muscle groups which compound lifts are unable to do. And, these exercises must not be missed if you are looking for precision training and want to develop hypertrophy. Proper diet is also needed after workout it includes protein fiber etc. and you can buy protein online using Mobikwik Promo Code with great discounts. So, here are 3 isolation exercises which you must not skip in your gym time:

1. Lateral Raises

If you want a heck of some cheesy shoulders popping out of your T-shirt giving that curved edge, then lateral raises help way lot in developing them. Just like Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans, you can get those 3D looking shoulders if you do this isolation exercise. For this, your outer deltoids must be well developed and without developing them, it is nearly impossible for you to get to that part of the shoulder. As shoulder adduction is the main function of outer deltoids, one must be looking for lateral raises which is considered best for developing outer deltoids aka medial deltoids. There are many exercises you can do in the gym to develop deltoids including seated lateral raises, standing lateral raises, lateral raises with a pulley, hanging lateral raises, band-resisted dumbbell lateral raises and more.

2. Leg Curls

Your legs are unable to hold the ground after these 3 sets- talking about leg curls. If you want to build leg muscles- especially the quadriceps, then leg curls is one heck of a training exercise to build them. Quadriceps being the biggest muscle group must be trained heavily to give you legs like pillars. Chicken leg trolls will be long gone if you are regular on leg curls. Not just how your legs or calves look from the front or back but well-developed or strong legs means strong thighs. So, never miss quadriceps training if you are looking for hulk strong legs. Basically, it strengthens your hamstring, whose main object is knee flexion i.e bending of the knee. So, the best exercise to keep your hamstring intact and strong is leg curls. There are many leg curls types which one can try in the gym including lying leg curls, standing leg curls, and seated leg curls being the most common of them.3.Calf Raises

3. Calf Raises

Leg days are most likely to be missed by any gym going person. They don’t want those struggling legs failing to make balance on the ground after a shrugged leg workout. This is why people tend to forget about legs in a workout diary. And, calf raises are one of the most ignored exercises when it comes to gym training. Having rugged upper half of body with 3D shoulder, six-pack abs and what not but pencil-like legs below- obviously it will look like crap. So, treat your calves like they should have been in training. Train them! There are two major muscles in calves- the soleus and the gastrocnemius. And, the primary function of your calves is plantar flexion at your ankle joint as a calf is a particular muscle, which means it is a bridge between two joins. Also, it plays a vital role in knee flexion i.e. bending of the knee. So, to train your gastrocnemius- calf raises are the best training exercises while doing seated calf raises is for your soleus muscle of your calf. Sometimes you can do leg exercise easily with machines and you can easily buy any gym equipment online using Paytm Mall Offers with great discount.

Do not think about what weight you are able to lift. You will start from light only and then go to moderate and high weights. But, the point is to start these isolation exercises next time you hit the gym.

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