UAE Warriors 30, Ali AlQaisi

Ali AlQaisi on Jesse Arnett rematch “Make him suffer”

Ali AlQaisi and Jesse Arnett II takes place at UAE Warriors 33 with the latter’s featherweight gold on the line on September 17th.

I spoke to AlQaisi on Bowks Talking Bouts, through an interpreter, and excerpts from our chat are below.

Ali AlQaisi

If this rematch at UAEW 33 is the biggest fight of his career and thoughts on the initial Arnett fight

“It almost feels like it’s the biggest fight of his career. But this one feels very personal because he feels like the title was stolen from him. So he’s very much looking forward to this fight.”

“He feels he was in control of the entire fight. He felt that Jesse’s energy and power was starting to fade. His game plan was working really well. He was very much in control of the fight. Felt he could have ended it towards the end of that round if not the round that was going to follow right after. He also put in a great camp. A lot of effort in this one. It’s one of the few times where he’s actually had the time to put together a proper camp for his UAE Warriors bouts. He felt a lot of that kind of went to waste when the belt was stolen from him.”

UAE Warriors 33

If there’s more banter and bad blood in this rematch as compared to the first Jesse Arnett fight

“A hundred percent it’s a different fight this time around. UAE Warriors saw the mistake that they made the first time and he really hopes that they let this one go on a little bit more. It’s going to be a long night for Jesse. The first fight there was a game plan. I wasn’t using a lot of my power. I was sticking very strictly to the game plan and planned on using power a little bit later to finish the fight. This fight I’m going in and I plan on hitting him as hard as I can from the very beginning.”

Arnett calling for a finish inside three rounds and AlQaisi’s prediction for the UAEW 33 rematch

“He’s very happy that Jesse is feeling that way. Because he still hasn’t felt Ali’s power or strength. This fight, he doesn’t want to finish it too quickly. He really wants to punish and hurt Jesse. Really wants to make him suffer, punch enough for the referee to consider stopping, take a break, and then keep on punching.”

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