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Alistair Overeem on getting moved off UFC 225 Main Card: “It’s all good”

Alistair Overeem is arguably one of the greatest Heavyweight MMA fighters of all time, having won championships in every organization he’s been in except the UFC, proving time and time again that when you watch him fight, it’s definitely a must see.

For most of his tenure in the UFC, ‘The Reem’ has mostly been featured on the main card of pay-per-view events, taking on the company’s top competition. Just like for anybody involved in any professional career, there is always a first that happens at a certain time. But as far as this first goes for Overeem, it was one he absolutely didn’t anticipate. At next month’s UFC 225, Overeem will make his long awaited return to the UFC Octagon against up-and-comer Curtis Blaydes.

Overeem has been taking time off after a devastating knockout loss to Francis Ngannou at the end of last year. Unfortunately this fight won’t be seen on the PPV main card, but instead will be featured on the prelims on Fox Sports 1. Previously stunned at the mindboggling news, Overeem eventually became at peace with the decision and even expressed his happiness for not only getting to fight a lot earlier then usual, but also being able to give his fans a chance to see him fight on free TV.

“I was a little bit surprised with the decision,” Overeem said (transcribed by Adam Guillen Jr. for MMAMania). “But when I think about it, I can see where UFC is coming from, they want to build the women’s featherweight division. My friend and teammate Holly Holm being a big name, so she shouldn’t be on the prelims anyway. For me, personally I don’t have a problem with the decision. It’s going to be on free TV, and it might be on a bigger audience, right? UFC understands the television stuff and I understand if it’s going to be a bigger picture.”

“It’s all good,” Overeem added. “I’m just there focusing on my performance, my focus has been really high and I’m just going to put on my energy to put on a best performance whether it’s on TV or pay-per-view, they have their reasons and it’s all good.”

“For the record I have no problem with the decision because now people in Europe don’t have to stay up late and the sooner the better,” Overeem said in a Tweet, shortly after this UFC 225 lineup change was announced.

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