UFC Statement on Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva Confirms Retirement

The much-feared news for UFC fans and especially, the fans of Anderson Silva, has arrived.

Even after being reluctant on the subject and said he would leave the octagon only after his next appointment, the fighter made a final decision.

In an interview with a website specialized in MMA, the former UFC middleweight champion confirmed that the fight against Uriah Hall, which will happen by the end of this month, will be the last one of his career.

“This is the last fight. For sure, this is the last fight. I love the sport. I prepared my mind for this. I prepared to fight my whole life, but, yes, this is my last fight in the UFC”, Silva said during the interview.

Even though many may consider it as news, as previously, Dana White himself, president of Ultimate, had already announced the fight against the American as the farewell to the Spider. However, the Brazilian, who had two remaining fights in his contract with the league, still left this possibility open, saying that it was still not confirmed that he would actually retire.

We need to say that it makes sense. If you stop to think, Anderson is one of the oldest active fighters in the MMA World, at 45 years old. This certainly is an important matter when taking the decision to finish his career.

In honor of his farewell, we will remember the brilliant moments of the career of Anderson “the Spider” Silva.

Beginning of UFC Career

Some may not remember, but Anderson started participating in the UFC back in 2006. In his first fight, against the American Chris Leben, Anderson was able to break the record of fastest fight of his career, knocking his opponent out in 49 seconds into the first round.

After that, he attracted eyes in the UFC World. So much that, on the online survey made to see who he would face in his second fight, the public chose the current Champion, the American Rich Franklin.

Once again, he was able to leave with the victory after what is considered to be the best fight of his career. Not only because he got another first round victory, but because he showed great movements and attacks.

That way, he was an UFC Champion for the first time and the title defense season started

Championship reign

In 2007, the Spider began his title defense streak. The first fight, against American fighter Nate Marquardt.

Still in the same year, he faced Franklin again, as the American was trying to get his championship back. Anderson defended his title and surprised everyone by showing his striking and dodging skills with his hands down.

After that, Anderson was able to set the record of 10 title defenses in a row, and also 17 consecutive victories. However, the moment when he wasn’t able to defend his title anymore came.

Loss of the title

11 years after his debut in the UFC, Anderson Silva was knocked out for the first time in his career.

The fight against Chris Weidman, which he avoided a few times due to, according to him, inexperience of the American, marked the loss of his title. Anderson was having trouble since the first round and also teasing his opponent with excessive dodges and dialogues.

In the second round, Weidman had his chance and knocked the Brazilian out. Anderson lost his UFC Champion title after 10 years.

Later on, a rematch was scheduled between both fighters and things just became worse to the Spider. Anderson was totally dominated in the first round by the American, however, it was not that which made Weidman victorious again. In the second round, Silva ended up breaking his leg and lost the fight because he was unable to continue.

After that, Anderson’s career was a roller-coaster ride, with ups and downs.


Even though Anderson had some really bad moments in his career, as in 2015, when he was caught in the doping test, nothing will change the things he did in the UFC. He is and will always be one of the greatest names of the sport and a Brazilian star in MMA. 

The Spider’s last fight will happen in one-week time, on October 31, at UFC Fight Night 181. It will surely be an emotional farewell from Silva, and that’s one of the reasons the fight should be a must-watch. It should also be a good idea to check out odds for this fight, as it’s probable that lots of bookmakers will definitely be doing some special offers for this one. 

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