Anderson Silva Fails More Tests; Additional Substances Found

Anderson Silva’s coach explains why he was in tears after weigh-in

Anderson Silva is back.

The former middleweight champion is set to return to the Octagon after nearly two years off. He is taking on Israel Adesanya in the co-main event of UFC 234 in which the winner will be getting the next title shot according to UFC President Dana White. Not only is the fight important for the title picture, but it is also important for Silva that he is back. Following the weigh-ins, Silva was in tears describing what it is like to be back.

“Thank you, guys, thank you,” Silva said. “I work my entire life for this sport and I try to do my best, and I need to say thank you God for giving one more time the opportunity to give (a) great show for you guys. Thank you so much Australia, thank you Dana [White], thank you. Thank you, guys.”

Following Silva’s interview, Jon Anike then went to interview Adesanya in which seeing Silva in tears made Adesanya emotional. Adesanya believes Silva did that on purpose to get in his head.

”He’s trying to make me cry. F**k him,” Adesanya said with a laugh. “He’s trying to make me cry for real.”

However, that was not the plan at all.

Speaking to MMA Fighting, Silva’s conditioning coach Rogerio Camoes explained why Silva was in tears on stage, and how it wasn’t part of any mind games.

”That was the emotion of coming back,” Camoes said. “This is what this guy loves to do. He does it because he loves it. It’s even hard for him to say what he felt at that moment. It was surreal for me too, I had to fight back (the tears) because of the energy of being there next to him and see his emotions, see Israel getting emotional too, and Dana (White) amazed.

”That’s Anderson Silva. He’s the champion and will always be.”

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