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Bare Knuckle FC To Use Opening Scoring At BKFC 11

The open scoring meta continues. On the heels of Invicta using live scoring for their event last weekend, Bare Knuckle FC has announced their BKFC 11 event will also utilize live scoring. The fight takes place this weekend in Wichita, Kansas.

Invicta’s last event was the first big use of open scoring in mixed martial arts. The score would be shown to the coaches behind the fighters as they were taking a break between rounds on a phone or tablet.

BKFC President, Dave Feldman, says he wanted to be one of the first to use open scoring but wanted to see it in action before diving right in.

“I was very intrigued when I learned that the Kansas Athletic Commission was going to start offering on March 1 all fight promoters with events in their state the option of using Real Time Scoring, but I wanted to see it in use first before I made a decision about BKFC 11,” said BKFC founder and president David Feldman.  “After seeing it executed flawlessly by the Kansas Commission at last Friday’s Invicta MMA event, coupled with the overwhelmingly positive response following that show from fighters and fight fans, I knew that this was absolutely the right way to go for BKFC.”

The Kansas State Athletic Commission is also enthusiastic about the positive response they and Invicta are getting from the event.

“After partnering with Shannon Knapp and Invicta Fighting Championships to utilize Real Time Scoring last Friday, we received nothing but positive feedback from the fighters and their camps,” said Kansas Athletic Commission Executive Director Adam Roorbach.  “While absolutely not mandatory, Real Time Scoring is available to all fight promoters and promotions in the State of Kansas.  We are proud to be hosting BKFC 11, and look forward to having them utilize this system.”

The Open Scoring debate

Open scoring has been in the media’s forefront as of late. Ever since Jon Jones beat Dominck Reyes by decision, fans have been clamoring for a fix to a system they think is broken. Invicta is the first larger promotion to utilize open scoring after it was offered to all promotions on May 1st.

While open scoring is getting rave reviews right now, it’s important to remember it’s down side as well. In 2015, Canelo Alvarez and Austin Trout fought in an open scoring boxing match. When Canelo found himself no way to lose the fight, he was passive and coasted for the remainder of the fight.

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