Revolutionary new pillow cools muscles, aids in athlete recovery, Space Foam

Revolutionary new pillow cools muscles, aids in athlete recovery

Professional mixed martial artists will put their body through a great deal of what others may call “torture,” while preparing and conditioning their bodies for fight.  As important as it is to train for competition, recovery plays an equal part in properly maintaining your body’s health.

Sleep is what most people think of when you think about “recovery.”  Resting your tired body, and preparing for what lies ahead.  But did you know that most people are not getting a proper night’s sleep?  This is where Space Foam comes in with a revolutionary new pillow and mattress topper that could change your life forever.

Space Foam launched in 2018. The idea came about simply from sleeping on other products that did not lead to a restful, deep sleep. The first product was the Space Foam Pillow, which was part of our 2018 launch. The Mattress Topper launched in 2019.

“One of the biggest factors that impacts sleep is temperature,” said Sam Broder, President of Space Foam. “People also naturally move through the night and most bedding does not adapt to your sleep position and actually wakes you up, sometimes only for a moment, but that still disrupts your REM sleep cycle. Deep sleep is so important for rest and recovery, whether you are an athlete or just someone who grinds day after day as a parent, at a desk, or through any other daily activity. So, it was clear that there was a need for bedding products that would keep people at the right temperature in a supported position all night to help anyone attain quality, deep sleep.”

The Space Foam Mattress Topper and Pillow are great for physical and mental recovery. Quality, deep sleep is so important for helping your muscles (including your brain) rejuvenate. When you don’t get adequate rest, your muscles can’t grow as strong and your brain can’t encode your learnings from the previous day.

“You need great sleep to prepare and get all of your muscles ready for the next day,” Broder said. “Space Foam’s lightweight design perfectly supports your muscles, no matter what position you’re in over the course of the night. Your muscles can’t recuperate when they aren’t supported in a comfortable position. Your sleep will be interrupted if you aren’t on bedding that is comfortable and cool. Our Pillows and Mattress Toppers also come with our IceFibre cover, which is cool to the touch. It has a relieving sensation that helps your muscles cool down after being worked all day. Space FoamTM is used by professional athletes who compete in highly demanding sports, such as MMA, Football, and Hockey.”

MMA fighter Jordan Johnson uses Space Foam

Broder says that the idea for the pillow was built off of what many people know as “memory foam,” which uses your body heat to heat and mold to your shape.

“Memory foam was first developed by NASA as a shock absorber for space crafts,” he said. “At Space Foam, we adapted and improved upon that original material. We also had a desire to turn your bed into a cool sleeping environment that would make you feel like you’re floating because you’re so perfectly supported – an environment that we imagine is what it would be like to sleep in space. We put the space-inspiration together with our revolutionary foam to get the name Space Foam.”

Space Foam is a revolutionary type of memory foam.

“Our unique foam is lightweight and breathable,” Broder said. “Other memory foam is more dense and heavy; it can feel like a brick and also trap heat. Space Foam’s lightweight design is incorporated into our Pillows and our Mattress Topper, which helps people get the perfect amount of support and helps people stay at the optimal temperature throughout the night, from head to toe. Our Pillows and Mattress Toppers also come with our IceFibre cover. It’s a machine washable layer outside of the foam that is cool to the touch and adds a refreshing sensation that is great for rest and recovery. You can put pillowcases and sheets over the IceFibre layer, or you can sleep directly on the IceFibre if you want to feel extra cool.

Space Foam Pillows and Mattress Toppers will revolutionize your sleep. The company guarantees it with a 90 night risk-free policy and limited lifetime warranty.

“We feel that $75 for years and years of a better night’s sleep is a great value,” Broder said. “Sleeping better will make you more productive, and even impacts your mood. We know there are cheaper pillows and mattress toppers on the market, but nothing that has such high quality unique foam, and nothing that comes with anything like our cooling IceFibre cover.”

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