Ben Coyle

Ben Coyle: “I’m in there to drown you”

Ben Coyle is a notable competitor on the regional Delaware fight promotion Stellar Fights. Being Stellar’s amateur bantamweight champion, Ben has made quite a name for himself from his cold blooded serial killer stare to his non stop pressure he puts on his opponents once the bell rings. Coyle is reminiscent of the old gladiator days where two individuals enter the arena with only one competitor walking away with victory no matter what the cost. Coyle is truly an entertainer in a massively violent sport.

Coyle credits his inner sinister fighting ways to the days of growing up with a hardened father who pushed him to his fighting limits. Training and fighting everyday was a way of life in the Coyle household and the young prospect has fused his talents with a means to attempt to better his livelihood through fighting.

Tune in below as Stellar Fights bantamweight champion, Ben Coyle as he discusses his upcoming bout, growing up with cold showers in his trailer and much more to highlight this East Coast rising star.


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