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Best paid UFC fighters

UFC had enjoyed a burst of growth that has seen it grow from a rough sport to a well-watched sport around the globe. With famous UFC fighters such as Conor MacGregor, who is popular in the sporting world, it is not hard to see why the sport has become widely accepted. As with other sports, the growth has caught the attention of bookmakers who are hoping to cash in on the action.
If you hope to join in on the action, remember that gambling without registration (rahapelit ilman rekisteröintiä as it’s called in Finland) can be dangerous. Ensure your bookmaker has the proper license to operate. In this piece, we would discuss the highest-paid UFC fighters and the popular betting categories of UFC.

List of the best paid UFC fighters

Here is the list of the best paid UFC fighters. This list contains the top 5 highest paid fighters on the planet.

Conor McGregor

The Irish man is the highest-paid UFC fighter. This makes him among the wealthiest athletes alive. He is a part-time UFC fighter and also fights on the MMA scene. He reportedly earned $75 million for his fight with Floyd Mayweather.

Michael Bisping

Bisping is a top-notch fighter but is not as popular. He is the 2016 UFC welterweight champion. Although now retired, he has earned around $7.1 million during his career.

Georges St-Pierre

Although he has also retired, George has earned around 7 million dollars throughout his career. He fought in the ring 22 times and was a force to be reckoned with.

Anderson Silva

Anderson is the most decorated UFC champion earning 7 million dollars over 24 fights. He has been speculated to be a sure bet for the UFC Hall-of-Fame. He is highly respected in the UFC and is the fourth-highest earner on our list.

Mark Hunt

Mark Hunt hails from New Zealand and is of Samoan origins. He ranks fifth on the list with 6.4 million dollars throughout his career. He is remembered for UFC Fight Night 33, which is considered one of the most entertaining fights in UFC history.

Betting on UFC fighters

Betting on UFC fighters is quite fun and easy to do. Most newbies do not know the popular types of bets they can place. In this section, we will examine three of the most popular betting categories.

The money line bet

This type of bet is also known as the match bet. It is the most popular bet type and involves picking the winner of a fight. Put, all you have to do is predict who wins a match. The manner of winning and the round they win doesn’t affect your prediction.

Over Under round bets

This betting type allows you to predict the period you think the fight would end. For instance, in a three-round battle, you are allowed to predict the round you think the match would end. If you make a bet, the game will end in under 2.5 rounds. You would need the fight to finish before the two and a half minute mark of the third round. The mode and manner of the win aren’t relevant.

Prop bets

Proposition bets or prop bets, as they are popularly called, do not fit into conventional betting. Prop bets are specific bets that predict actions that might occur during the fight. For example, you can bet on what fighter would throw more kicks than the other. The outcome of the match doesn’t affect these kinds of bets as they are solely based on events that occur during the match.

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