Blake Bilder expects to show off new version of himself At Caged Aggression 30

Blake Bilder expects to show off new version of himself at Caged Aggression 30

Over the past year, life has changed for Blake Bilder. The top prospect has had to make several adjustments he didn’t anticipate having to make in his quest for MMA glory. The fighter currently hailing from California, left Team Oyama and Iridium Sports Agency, and is now represented by Dream Sports Management and fighting out of multiple gyms to get different looks including Raw Talent Boxing, Sub Fighter MMA and Classic Fight Team. The split from his original gym and management was mutual and Bilder had nothing but praise to speak of both, however, Bilder felt the switch was necessary to progress his career.

Now with his new team, Bilder is looking to make up for lost time and have a busy 2021 in the cage. In 2020, his fight in April was cancelled because of the pandemic and afterwards. Bilder also believes he had COVID at one point because he had never been sicker in his life during 2020 but he never officially got tested. Bilder also had trouble keeping his weight low during the pandemic. He even thought about fighting at a higher weight class to stay active but decided it wasn’t the right idea because the UFC matchmakers want to see fighters stay in one weight class.

Now with his weight under control, Bilder will be stepping into the cage on March 25 to face fellow top featherweight Cain Lugar at Caged Aggression 30. It will be a matchup of top prospects as Bilder enters the cage undefeated at 3-0-1 and Lugar enters the cage at 4-1. With a win, either prospect will be in line for a big opportunity. What is truly exciting for him Bilder says is that now that he has his weight under control, he can show off how talented he believes he is.

“I feel like because of the weight cut, it really mitigated what my potential really was. I don’t feel I was able to show my potential in the majority of my fights to be honest. Now I’m excited to be closer to weight, not have to cut that much and really push the pace. I can bring more pressure and more volume. There will be a new version of me that comes out of this fight, I’m excited to display that.”

For his fight against Lugar, Bilder believes his keys to victory aren’t what Lugar can do, it’s a Bilder contest.

“Whatever he throws at me, whatever he comes at me with, I’m going to adapt and adopt. It’s a me versus me thing. I’m good with me right now, I feel unstoppable.”

If he gets the finish in the fight as he expects, Bilder doesn’t expect it to take long to get a shot at the big show.

“Two to three wins,” said the top featherweight.”

Bilder vs. Lugar will be the co-main event of Caged Aggression 30 and can be watched on Pay-Per-View on CagedAggression.TV.

Blake Bilder
Photo courtesy of Bilders Instagram account

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