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California Legislative Women’s Caucus sends letter to Endeavor – “It is time to remove Mr. White from his leadership role”

The California Legislative Women’s Caucus is demanding the immediate removal of UFC President Dana White from his position following a TMZ released video earlier this month shows the promotion’s frontman striking his wife multiple times in public.

White and his wife Anne were caught arguing with one another when she slapped him and then the UFC boss reciprocated by hitting her back multiple times. While White and his wife have both publicly apologized and no charges were filed, many are still wanting action to be taken.

A letter signed by Senator Nancy Skinner and Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, the chair and vice chair of the Women’s Caucus, penned a letter to Endeavor, the parent company of the UFC. The correspondence is addressed to Endeavor CEO Ari Emmanuel and asks for action to be taken against White.

The letter reads as follows:

“Dear Mr. Emanuel,

“We write with deep concern about the recent violent video we have seen online from the Ultimate Fighting Championship (U.F.C.) President Dana White. Our caucus, which is both bicameral and bipartisan, is composed of women across the State of California who are committed to creating better lives for women and girls. We care deeply about intimate partner violence, and we have seen how partner violence affects the lives of children and families. Most importantly, we are deeply aware of how impactful our actions are on the minds of young people, who learn from what we tolerate and what we condemn.

“Given Mr. White’s previous remarks against domestic partner violence, we believed that Endeavor and the U.F.C. shared this commitment to safety, respect, and accountability.

“You yourself have written extensively about the need to speak out and act when we see things that are not in line with our values.

“And yet, we have seen the video of U.F.C. President Dana White, where he strikes his wife at a New Year’s Eve celebration with a closed fist. We were appalled. It was alarming to say the least.

“In the days since the video was released, you have remained silent. Your continued silence speaks volumes. As you once wrote: “Silence and inaction are not an option.”

“We agree — and we are urging you to take immediate action. Like you, we are people who live by our values.

“We, too, are people of action. We are allies against violence, advocates for women, and we are parents like yourself. This is why it is clear to us: we are calling for the immediate removal of Mr. White as President of the U.F.C.

“Every day that Mr. White’s actions go unaccounted for, your silence becomes more piercing and troubling. At this point, thousands of young men, women, and adults worldwide have seen the video of Mr. White striking his wife. We have also seen his apology. What we have not seen is any consequences for his actions.

“As Chief Executive Officer of Endeavor, the U.F.C.’s parent company, you have the authority to decide who leads the U.F.C., which is one of the world’s most watched sporting leagues, with millions of fans across the globe. Mr. White is not only the external face of the U.F.C., he is the leader who sets the expectations for the athletes as well. He is the leader who has explained in years past that he stands firmly against domestic violence. If anathlete were to commit violence against their partner, Mr. White is the leader within U.F.C. who
will have to determine the consequence. The eyes of the world are on him and on Endeavor.

“The head of a major sporting organization cannot claim to be for the safety of women while a video of him striking his wife continues to circulate online without a response from you. The hypocrisy is astounding. Enough is enough. It is time to remove Mr. White from his leadership role, to allow him and his partner to get the help they need while reminding the world of what Endeavor stands for and that violence against women is not a conduct that you condone.”

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