Will Jorge Masvidal get to fight boxing champion Canelo Alvarez?

Canelo Alvarez says Jorge Masvidal ‘is not a challenge for me’

Jorge Masvidal recently called out Canelo Alvarez in a boxing match, yet the boxing champion isn’t interested in the bout.

He says he has no interest in fighting MMA fighters whether it is in the Octagon or a boxing ring.

“With all due respect, I always felt that I have nothing to do in an MMA cage,” Canelo said to Little Giant Boxing. “I think the same if they get into a boxing ring. They have nothing to do. But from a business standpoint, yes it’s something attractive but it is not a challenge for me therefore it is not my priority.”

Masvidal’s callout is one many MMA fighters make. From Conor McGregor, to TJ Dillashaw, to Quintin Jackson, many MMA fighters are calling out boxers. Canelo Alvarez believes he knows the reason why, and it has to do with money.

“Because of money,” Canelo said when asked why MMA fighters have started calling boxers out so frequently. “There’s no other reason. Because of the money. Because of the money, because of the business. That’s the reality. What other reason would there be? They would’ve started boxing from a young age if they really liked it.”

In the end, Canelo Alvarez makes it clear he has no interest in the bout with Jorge Masvidal and knows MMA and boxing are two different sports and wants to keep it that way.

“With all due respect to everyone, I respect what MMA fighters do in their sport,” Canelo concluded. “They’re great fighters. But boxing is a different thing.”

So, for the time being, it seems likely Jorge Masvidal will be able to box and knock out Alvarez as he says. So, he will have to stick to MMA where he could very well be fighting for the welterweight title next time out.

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Cole Shelton
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