UFC Brooklyn, TJ Dillashaw, Henry Cejudo

REPORT: UFC discussing moving Cejudo-Dillashaw fight to ESPN+1

The UFC’s first event on ESPN is rapidly approaching. It is set for January 19 in Brooklyn, New York.

However, the UFC has not announced who the main event will be. Or for that matter have announced enough fights for the card. They are still working on the card, and it appears they may have an idea of who the main event would be. ESPN’s MMA Insider, Ariel Helwani is reporting that the UFC is considering moving the main event of UFC 233, which is T.J. Dillashaw vs Henry Cejudo to headline this card.

“There is still no main event for that card, they are searching high and low. If you are a UFC champion who isn’t booked they have talked to you about fighting on that card. They are scrambling at this point,” Helwani said. “I am being told they are seriously considering moving the T.J. Dillashaw vs. Henry Cejudo, UFC flyweight title fight that is currently scheduled for Anaheim, California on January 26, they are considering moving it now to January 19 in Brooklyn, New York.

“Cejudo’s team tells me they are down, they like this idea. They like the idea of fighting on the first ESPN card, big platform, big fight for them. Of course, defending the belt for the first time against T.J. who is moving down from 135. As of right now though, a final decision hasn’t been made. They are hoping to figure this out sooner rather than later. Tickets are on sale, they need to get this going.”

One way this would work is if the UFC can come to terms with a title fight of Colby Covington vs. Tyron Woodley to headline UFC 233. Covington and Woodley have gone back and forth, and with UFC 233 already being a stacked card, that fight would serve well being the main event. While moving the flyweight title makes perfect sense. The UFC wants to build up Dillashaw as a star given he can become a double-champ. What better way to do this than to put him on the first ESPN card.

Ultimately, this is a rumor for now, but if what Helwani is saying is true, UFC 233 may be looking for a new main event.

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