Chuck Liddell and Jon Jones come face to face

Chuck Liddell and Jon Jones come face to face

Chuck Liddell returning from retirement, says he’d like to fight Jon Jones

Former UFC light heavyweight champion and Hall Of Famer Chuck Liddell made quite the headlines on Monday afternoon. During his appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, the 48-year-old Liddell said announced he was coming out of retirement and is targeting a trilogy fight against Tito Ortiz.

Ariel Helwani, Chuck Liddell

Liddell did go on to say that if the fight with Ortiz doesn’t happen, he will still fight again and his opponent would likely be someone from his past.

chuck liddell, ariel helwani

The news and headlines didn’t stop there from Liddell, who went on to say during his interview with Helwani that he believes he needs two or three fights then he’d like to take on former UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones.

Jones, the former UFC light heavyweight champion is 30-years-old and most recently fought at UFC 214 where he defeated Daniel Cormier. The fight was ruled a no-contest after Jones failed a drug test with USADA and he’s been on the sidelines ever since July 2017 as he tries to clear his case.

Although he’s sidelined for now, Jones took to Twitter to respond to Liddell, saying he normally respects his elders, but is willing to let Liddell “come get it”.

jon jones twitter

“Bones” then went on to call out Liddell’s chin strength, as he was knocked out 13 times in his MMA career, with his final three UFC fights all being lost by either KO or TKO.

Jon Jones Twitter

Liddell, who last fought at UFC 115 in 2010, certainly shocked the world by announcing his return from retirement, but a fight with Jon Jones sounds like a matchup that should just be left to the imagination.

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