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Chuck Liddell and Steve O What if feels like to get knocked out

Chuck Liddell and Steve-O : What it feels like to get knocked out

Former UFC light heavyweight champion and UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell is joined by Jackass star Steve-O as the openly discuss what it feels like to get knocked out. The unlikely duo filmed the clip while taking part in a reality show called “Ultimate Expedition.”

Show descritpion: Nine strangers travel to Huaraz, Peru to face the biggest challenge of their lives, the 20,000-foot Mt. Tocllaraju; But first they must acclimate to high elevation or the expedition will be over before it can even begin.

Watch Chuck Liddell and Steve-O below:

Liddell was recently serving as the executive VP of business development for the UFC until he was laid off from the position in December 2016.

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