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Dan Severn talks Ken Shamrock comparison Im lifetime chemical free

Dan Severn talks Ken Shamrock comparison: “I’m lifetime, chemical free”

Dan Severn and Ken Shamrock are two living legends in mixed martial arts.  Both men, pioneers of the sport of MMA in general, have been inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame and each have had successful pro wrestling careers as well.

The two men first faced each other at UFC 6 in 1995 with Shamrock obtaining the victory by way of submission, while Severn would take the rematch at UFC 9 by way of split decision the following year.  A third bout was scheduled to take place in 2016 under a different banner but never came to fruition.

Severn, now 64-years of age, will almost always be brought up in discussion when the name “Ken Shamrock” is thrown around.

In a recent exclusive interview with Wrestling Inc. Senior News Editor Nick Hausman, Severn was asked about the comparison but also threw shade at his former foe.

“Lot of times people will bring up a Ken Shamrock name, stuff like that,” Severn said. “And again, it’s not that I’m trying to be mean to Ken. There’s a big difference between a Ken Shamrock and a Dan Severn.”

“The Beast” Severn then continued, “I’m lifetime, chemical free,” suggesting that Shamrock may have previously used performance enhancing drugs.

In 2014, Shamrock did admit to previous steroid use during an episode of Inside MMA.

“You know, during my career, when I was fighting, steroids, I never entered into the ring while using steroids. I was never in the ring and fought with steroids, ever,” Shamrock declared. “But, I have used steroids in the past.

“Because I have been involved with that. Because I understand how it can be used. I understand there is a trend there.”

Shamrock, now 58-years-old holds pro MMA record of 28-17-3 opposite Severn’s 101-19-7.

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