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Dana White’s Power Slap League to air on TBS

Earlier this week, more information was revealed in a press conference as to what Dana White’s Power Slap League is and where it can be found.

White revealed during the UFC 281 fight week that an eight-episode deal is in place for Power Slap to air on TBS beginning in January. Last month the new league gained acceptance from the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Two competitors take turns delivering powerful open hand strikes to each other’s faces until one wins the match.

Rules below are from the Power Slap League website

A coin toss or seeding method will determine who gets to elect to slap or defend first.

30 seconds to slap. 30 seconds to recover. Repeat.

Mens and Womens division.

Consistent with MMA.

The number of rounds depends on the format, with the minimum being 3.

In each round, both competitors have the opportunity to deliver a single strike to their opponent’s face. And the obligation to receive their opponent’s strike in return.

KO, TKO and points.

Like boxing and MMA, Power Slap judging is based on a “10-point must system,” with a round winner scoring 10 points and the opponent scoring 9 or fewer.

Judging criteria is based on the strikers effectiveness, as well as the defender’s reaction and recovery time.

Striker fouls include clubbing, stepping, illegal wind-up and delay of game.

Defender fouls include flinching, blocking and delay of game.

Foul consequences include warnings, point deduction, loss of strike, re-strike and disqualification.

Dana White's Power Slap League
NEW YORK, NEW YORK – NOVEMBER 09: during the Power Slap Press Conference at Radio City Music Hall on November 9, 2022 in New York, New York. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Power Slap)

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