Do Fighters Take Jewelry Off During Training?

Do Fighters Take Jewelry Off During Training?

Looking good is very important to many people and one of the most important aspects of a good look is jewelry. Now, everyone (almost) loves some nice jewelry and MMA fighters are no exception. But can they wear them all the time?

Well, fighters like many other kinds of athletes always need to participate in intense training and workout sessions, something that will definitely have an impact on what they can wear. There is a select number of training attire available to fighters and, in a sense, the same applies to jewelry. In essence, fighters do not have to take off their jewelry during training but this is dependent on some very important factors. These include:


Yes. That’s right. Even fighters need to be comfortable. Training sessions get very intense which means that you will want whatever you are wearing to be as comfortable as possible. While jewelry can be very fun to wear especially when they mean something special, some types can make exercise and training very uncomfortable. Perhaps the most obvious ones, in this case, are the very heavy necklaces and bracelets or watches that are likely to impede a fighter’s movement as they work out.

Most fighters often try to balance it out by having very nicely fitted jewelry designed for them. Earrings are a popular selection and so are some light necklaces that are neither long or dangly. Still, it all comes down to what one is most comfortable training with.

Safety and Hygiene

Safety is a huge priority in any sport. Fighters have to be even more careful to ensure that they do not incur any serious injuries. Using certain kinds of jewelry may complicate things and expose them to harm. For instance, piercings may cause tears on the skins and their rings may scratch other people. In such cases, it is advisable to take those kinds of jewelry off until the training session ends.

While many people may often overlook this, hygiene is very important even when it comes to the jewelry one wears as they work out. It is advisable for fighters to take off wedding rings or any kind of ring since these can easily harbor scum or sweaty residue from their work out sessions. Some kinds of jewelry may also react with water or sweat and, in turn, affect your skin. This is especially true if the jewelry you are wearing is made of brass, copper, or nickel. Be sure to keep your bands healthy by cleaning them on a regular basis.

The Risk of Damage or Loss

Even if the jewelry does not affect your skin, using some types of jewelry during training may lead to damage or loss. Now, this is not cast in stone as it will all come down to how intensive any give training session turns out to be. For instance, statement piece earrings will certainly not cut it during an intense training session but you would get away with wearing a light necklace.

Jewelry is expensive and the last thing that you want to keep focusing on during a training session is if you are going to end up damaging your pricy rings or bracelet.


Making the Right Choices

As you may have already picked up, fighters can indeed rock some jewelry when training so long as they make the right choice in that regard. Making these choices does not necessarily need to be very complicated since there are lots of great options. Depending on the kind of training, fighters can pick a piece of jewelry that not only stands out but does not have any negative impacts on their focus, comfort, or skin.

For instance, silicone rings are very comfortable and can be worn during nearly every kind of training. Pieces of jewelry made of stainless steel are also great options primarily because they are likely to get corroded when one sweats on them or showers with them. The durability is quite impressive which makes them a favorite for many athletes including fighters and swimmers.

Necklaces and bracelets should ideally be fitted well enough that they do not dangle. This not only makes them comfortable but also keeps them from impeding the fighter’s focus.


All in all, there is not much stopping fighters from donning their favorite jewelry pieces to their training sessions. However, personal preference is just a small piece of the puzzle. You will need to take all of the things that have been mentioned here into account if you expect a great experience. Besides, most training sessions do not last extremely long which means that they can get back to your jewelry as soon as they are done.


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