Dominick Reyes

Dominick Reyes On Possible Blachowicz Interim Title Fight

It seems like Dominick Reyes has a couple of light-heavyweight on his radar. The Devastator indicated an obvious interest in the Jon Jones title rematch but also mentioned a certain Polish pugilist. Jan Blachowicz has been making waves lately with recent wins over names like Luke Rockhold and Jacare Souza with his last win being an emphatic KO over Corey Anderson. In an interview with MMA Fighting’s Mike Heck, the former title challenger addressed his present thoughts on Jan Blachowicz and the bit of history the two have.

Dominick Reyes

Dominick Reyes stated, “I think he’s a fantastic fighter. I think he’s one of the most technical guys in this division. I think he has some really good power. Yeah, I think he’s just a technical beast, and he has a lot of experience where he’s wise with his technical ability. I’ve been wanting to fight Jan since I beat Jared Cannonier. I don’t know if you guys know or remember I called him out right after the fight. So I mean this is a guy I’ve been wanting to fight for a minute. So if there’s an interim then yeah, oh yeah, let’s do it. But, uh, I think we’re gonna get that rematch first. I think I’ll get it over Jan.”

When asked if he would take an interim title fight with Blachowicz between June and August if offered, He stated “I could do that. I just had to count the months real quick.”

With present COVID-19 considerations, it’s altogether unclear when the next UFC light-heavyweight title bout could even take place. There’s an obvious roadblock there with rampant event cancellations but also Jones has recently indicated interested in perhaps fighting Blachowicz over the Reyes rematch. All of this to say that the title picture at 205 lbs is very much murky and this is a microcosm of widespread uncertainty in MMA as a whole.

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