Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone on the up and comers at CFS: “That’s the point of all this!”

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone began making his mark in the world of mixed martial arts, with his professional debut taking place in 2006. 13 years later, Cerrone has seen the highs and lows of what it is to be a professional fighter. As any fighter will tell you, it’s a tough road to travel, and you certainly need help along the way. Whether it be training, financial, medical, housing, mental or whatever the case may be…no fighter can do it alone. Today, with Cowboy Fight Series finishing their third amateur show since their January, 2019 inception, Cerrone has his sights set on following suit with CFS, like how some long time pals had his back.

In 2007 a motley crew of gentlemen that owned a company called TapouT and go by the name; Mask (RIP), Skyskrape and PunkAss, scouted the country for the next big MMA superstar in a reality television show named after the brand itself, TapouT. Along that journey, Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone caught their eye and an unbreakable bond was formed. Cerrone used his leverage from the show, on top of his fan favorite fighting style and attitude to capture the eyes and hearts of MMA fans worldwide.

These days, with the name behind him, and the resume to back it, Cerrone has found another passion to add to his long list of things to do, with promoting CFS. Before CFS 3 went down, I had a chance to speak with Cerrone at the venue about his new promotional venture and what it means to him being involved with the next generation of fighters. When discussing the correlation of helping the up-and-coming fighters and how he thinks his longtime friends from TapouT would feel about his success with CFS, Cerrone reflects, “That’s the point of all this. You know? This is our third show. Third sold out show. It’s doing good! Slowly growing and growing. (We’re) Trying to create something here. So, hopefully over the years, it’ll become big and make it!”

On October 26th, CFS is back at it with Cowboys Fight Night Muay Thai Series. Before beginning his MMA career, Cerrone was a dynamic Muay Thai and Kickboxing competitor amassing a 28-0-1 record. With the same “up-and-comers” mindset, Cerrone opens up another avenue for predominant strikers, or even MMA fighters to take different routes to hone their craft.

“MMA has gotten so big, it’s hard to find kickboxing shows. So give the guys another avenue to go down and play. Explain to them…Hey man. Taking all these fights, whether it be MMA…Go out there and kickbox! Take a bunch of shots! And learn and grow and ya have fun! So, we’ll see!” Cerrone says about Cowboys Fight Night Muay Thai Series.

While wrapping up the conversation, asked the burning question from several fighters from the CFS 3 card, “Is there a chance Cowboy could take us out to the ranch to train?” To which the future UFC hall of famer chuckled and followed with “For sure!” Let em come out and play on the adult playground!”

Tune in above as Cerrone and I also discuss any names he may have discussed about a December return to the cage, and has baby Danger taken Cerrone’s place as grandma’s boy?! Find out above!

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Adam Crist
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