Drew Dober

Dober stops Hernandez in Round Two to Establish Himself as a Top 15 Lightweight

Well folks, I told you this has fight of the night written all over it! Huge win for Drew Dober! Lets break it down!

Round One:

Both come out ready to swing with Hernandez being very aggressive. Dober lands a 1-2 combo. Hernandez lands a straight and Dober counters with a left of his own. Hernandez is moving extremely well, Dober intent on landing that power left for the kill shot. Hernandez goes for the single and gets it. Dober uses the cage to get back to his feet and dig the right under hook to circle out against the cage. He does so and fires a left as Hernandez retreats. Dober continues to try and land that power left as Hernandez fires a variety of kicks. Hernandez lands a nice jab at 2:12 of the round that appears to get Dober’s attention. Dober fires a leg kick. Dober still trying to land that power left as Hernandez clinches and then separates. Hernandez’s lands a right kick that appears to be stopping Dober in his tracks and negating his attack. Dober flurries with less than a minute left landing two jabs and a powerful left straight that puts Hernandez on back pedals. Dober lands another jab. With less than 10 seconds left, Hernandez complains about an eye poke that closes the round. Extremely close round but slight edge to Hernandez for octagon control and effective use of the leg kicks.

Round Two:

Hernandez comes out in round two with aggressive kicks and unfortunately lands an eye poke on Dober within the first 10 seconds. Dober recovers and actions resumes. Dober lands a left as Hernandez counters with an even stronger straight right. Dober is still chasing that power left shot as Hernandez proves he has a chin. Hernandez continues to attack with right kicks to the body. Hernandez lands a straight right yet again as Dober chases. Dober backs up Hernandez with another power left that nearly misses. Hernandez continues to circle to his left as Dober follows. Hernandez lands a leg kick as Dober counters with a 1-2 combo. Hernandez lands a counter left hook. Dober lands a right hook and straight left that sends Hernandez to the canvas for a brief second and continues to flurry. Hernandez opts to take it to the ground and ends up in Dobers guard. Hernandez tries to pass as Dober gets to his feet. Dober attacks Hernandez with powerful combos and lands a thunderous left hook that stuns Hernandez. Dober continues his attack with viscous lefts that drops Hernandez again. Hernandez gets up against the cage as Dober attacks with another right hook and straight left combination until Herb Dean has seen enough and calls an end to the bout at 4:25 of round two.

Drew Dober defeats Alex Hernandez via TKO of Round Two (4:25).

We have ourselves a new lightweight contender folks!

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Andrew Sumian
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