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Dylan Harnish prepping for a busy 2021 with WAKO and possible match-up at Art of War Cage Fighting

Dylan Harnish has the right attitude for a young, amateur combat sports competitor.  Harnish welcomes competition in any and every area to continue growing his skill-set so that some day he can become a professional mixed martial artist.  Grappling tournaments, boxing or kick-boxing bouts, and of course trips to the cage are what gets his blood flowing. In the last twelve months or so, amateur events have slowed to a crawl due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Slowly but surely across the United States, promotions are getting back up and running and providing the forum where the future stars of tomorrow can get their start.

Harnish will travel with his team at Mid-World Martial Arts in Bloomsburg, PA to Nashville, Tennessee to compete at WAKO on February 26-28.  This is a national team kickboxing tournament and Harnish was excited that his bracket was loaded with people, enabling him to get six or more bouts.   MyMMANews caught up with the young prospect and he tells us…

“I’m very happy that everything is getting back to normal.  After WAKO, I plan on taking a boxing match in March, and then I would love to get an opponent at Art of War Cage Fighting who just announced their return date of May 22nd in PA.  I want to stay as busy as possible the rest of this year and am looking forward to advanced amateur rules when I do step in the cage.”

Please check out our entire interview on the link above.

The slick southpaw loves to get in there and throw his hands and put on a show for the fans as well as having his arm raised after the final bell. Harnish lives and breathes the sport and his coach Eric Strausser has done a great job of harnessing all of that extra energy that the young prospect seems to have on a regular basis. If he can stay healthy, we could see him looking for a pro license sometime in 2022.

Dylan Harnish
Dylan Harnish Photo by Lance Stein of LSS Photography

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