EA Sports UFC – Are you Buying it?

EA Sports UFC – Are you Buying it?

EA Sports is arguably the king of all sports games. Known for their Madden games, NHL, FIFA, boxing (Fight Night), the best in the business will meet with the best organization in the business when they release EA Sports UFC.

A few years back, EA Sports created “EA Sports MMA”. The game received great reviews and it had even better game play. You could use Affliction and Strikeforce stars such as Fedor Emelianenko, Andrei Arlovski, Randy Couture (who signed with Affliction and caused a rift between Dana White and Couture).

Yes, EA Sports MMA was great, you could build your own fighter and fight in different organizations in the US or even Brazil and Japan where you could kick your downed opponent right in his face and land foot stomps onto their mugs (Pride FC nostalgia at it’s finest). Something was missing however…oh yea…THE BIG NAMED UFC FIGHTERS!

This was the downfall of the game to many fans. The UFC did manufacture a couple of games with other video game creators; they were alright, not EA Sports good, however. This has changed, and now the UFC game created by EA Sports will be released June 17 and the graphics look amazing.

I am an insomniac. Really. I work in the medical field primarily night shift, so when I am off, I will spend time with my loving family and live the family life. Come around midnight, I do not really feel like sleeping (I get 4-5 hours of sleep at most, for the majority of the time). I will kill some time and fire up the Xbox one and keep part of my immaturity alive and well. I love MMA. I love video games. I think it is safe that I will invest in this game and live vicariously through making myself a hardcore judoka with great boxing skills (like I am now…ok, not hardcore but I know a thing or two hahaha) and try to capture a heavyweight title or light heavyweight title.

If you are on Xbox One feel free to shoot me a message and we can throw down in June! Thanks for reading and remember to pick up your copy for Xbox One or PlayStation 4 and make Uncle Dana happy!

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