Exercises That Will Take Your Muay Thai To The Next Level

Exercises That Will Take Your Muay Thai To The Next Level

Just like martial arts, there are a plenty of advantages one can seek from practicing Muay Thai on a daily basis. If you’re already a big fan of martial arts, you might be aware of the fact that the art of eight limbs is considered to be the most prominent martial arts technique in the globe.

If you really wish to learn the basics as well as advanced exercises of Muay Thai, you should aim to hire a professional instructor and get effective training. Besides that, there have been several online applications designed to helps people to learn some tricky exercises. The intervention of technology to martial arts is perceivable in form of martial art slot games, video games, mobile apps and more.

Here is the list of 5 salient Muay Thai exercises that can strengthen your muscles and boost your abilities to perform better in any physical-based task.

1. Skipping
From boosting your motor skills, stamina, and concentration to helping you learn how to balance your body, skipping comes with a plethora of benefits to Muay Thai learners. And, what’s interesting is: it is a super easy exercise that neither requires any special skills nor any hefty equipment.

Whether you’ve just entered the world of martial arts or you’re an experienced person in this field, you must incorporate skipping into your daily routine.

While you can begin with the basic steps of taking leaps, you can then try advanced techniques of sparing and drilling post-3-5 basic sessions.

2. Dead Lifts
You cannot be called as a well-trained athlete unless you master deadlift exercise according to becomeapersonaltrainer.org. It is a crucial part of Muay Thai practices as it is the best way to develop your muscles and build up biceps. Make sure to start with lifting smaller weights and then head to the larger ones.

3. Pull ups
If you wish to partake in an activity that either requires you to pull your very own weight or control other’s weight, you must practice pull-ups.

Clinching is one of the major necessities in almost every physical sport. Also, in order to become a Muay Thai practitioner, you would need to build up shoulders, biceps, and lats (which all isn’t possible without practicing pull-ups).

Basically, it aims to aid the practitioner to learn basic actions that he would need while clinching with the challenger.

Pull ups might be a bit challenging task for the beginners as carrying your entire weight up with the support of your shoulders may stress your body. However, once you get accustomed to the exercise, it’ll be a piece of cake to take 15-20 reps in one session.

4. Box Jumps
For strengthening the legs and enhancing your explosiveness, Box jumps is an essential practice. Prior to heading to the hefty and extremely large box, you should aim to begin the initial sessions with small boxes.

Box jump is simple. You just need to stand up on a box (or any other object that can handle your weight) and practice a mini squat before jumping to another box.

5. Burpees
Burpees are a full body strengthening exercise that improves your blood circulation and boosts your cardio. It is an advanced form of push-ups i.e. after taking a push up, the practitioner has to get back to his normal squat state and take a high leap.

This workout is recommended to practice as long as you don’t feel exhausted.

These were some major exercises one needs to practice to learn Muay Thai. Not only does this Muay Thai exercises strengthen your muscles and build up your body but practising the basic techniques of the same can aid you to learn proper methods to safeguard your body using your elbow, knees, fists, and legs.

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