Saudi Arabia

Explore Saudi Arabia and discover its hidden secrets

If you are preparing for your next vacation and want to see something different from the usual touristy destinations promoted on every site, we advise you to consider The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Home to Mecca and Medina, this land has inspired generations of poets and writers throughout the centuries. When you get there, you’ll really understand why.

Fortunately, the way we travel and communicate is rapidly evolving, and reaching the most remote destination is possible today. A country like Saudi Arabia, which seemed so difficult to visit, is now at the tip of our fingers. This is because the government opened tourism in September 2019, inviting people from all over the globe to come to The Kingdom and explore their beautiful and hospitable culture.

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Westerners have long seen the Saudi Arabia Kingdom as an almost impenetrable and traditional society. However, that’s changing rapidly, and the country is open to transition in many aspects. So, once you arrive in Saudi Arabia, we advise you to prepare to spend some time there, because this unexplored land has so much to offer. You won’t even have time to cover all of them and fall in love with the Saudi lifestyle.

When you get to the big urban centers of Saudi Arabia, you will be perplexed by the lovely combination of traditional architectural buildings, daring modern constructions, and landmarks that define Saudi living. But we advise you to enjoy the cities, and amenities and head to the most adventurous side of the country, the desert. You will find amazing sites, like the ancient remains of what was once a mighty civilization in the Middle East, the Nabataeans. These people ruled the entire trade routes in the area, all the way up to the Red Sea. We’re talking about Hegra, the country’s first UNESCO archaeological site. It closely resembles Petra in Jordan due to the 111 tombs carved in stone by nomadic Bedouins in Saudi territory left behind.

We recommend that you head about 12 miles (19.31 km) to the south and visit Al Ula as well. This city was located on the ancient incense route that went all the way from India to Egypt, passing through what is now Saudi territory. This is why the government is pushing to activate the region as the main tourist site. There are quite a few interesting things you will find in the area. For example, you can stay in one of the most luxurious caravans in the middle of the desert, surrounded by the most stunning views and landscapes.

Visiting the desert will help you get a closer look at what desert life has been for all these generations of Bedouins who have survived and adapted to the harsh environment, the scorching sun, and the lack of water sources. This is something to admire not only about them but also about humans, their ability to adapt to their environment and survive. Life always prevails, no matter the ominous scenarios.

You will also be able to find the world’s biggest glass building in the middle of the desert, an absolute wonder worth seeing. So, for this and plenty more reasons, we can tell you that there are no excuses for you to delay your trip to Saudi Arabia. Instead, take advantage of the new doors that are opening and the hordes of tourists that have not yet arrived at these historical sites.

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