Fabian Edwards

Fabian Edwards “I’m confident, not cocky! After I beat Lee I want Mike Shipman!”

Leon Edwards is making waves in the UFC and we are all excited to see how he does in his upcoming fight at UFC London.  His younger brother Fabian has been doing the same in Bellator and it’s impressive stuff.  The first time I set eyes on the boy was Bellator 179: Daley vs Macdonald.  I remember this young kid getting on the scales, noising up his opponent, and thinking to myself (I sure hope he backs this up).

Fabian Edwards

Well he did just that, flying knee! Spectacular knockout and I’ve been a fan ever since.  For such a young and relatively inexperienced guy, Fabian Edawrds looks so loose and calm in the cage.  Very confident, and that’s something that many have described as cocky, I asked him to explain the difference.

“It’s just self belief! I know in my head already, what I’m gonna do and how I’m gonna do it.  It’s just seeing it, visualising it and that’s it, it’s that simple!”

The Assassin’s upcoming fight is against VERY experienced and former Cage Warriors middleweight champion Lee The Butcher Chadwick.  Fabian had no time for the hype of his opponent and clearly has a bigger picture in his mind.

“I’m glad this fight is happening, because people will say, aw Chadwick is a good fighter but Fabian took him out, Conti is a good fighter, but Fabian took him out.  We never say if we say when and when I beat Lee I want Mike Shipman next.  He’s considered the best middleweight in the U.K and that can’t be true cause I’m the best!”

Call it confidence, call it cocky, call what you want, all I  is it’s gonna be some scrap in Newcastle on Saturday and the place will be rocking.

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