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Female version of ‘Fight Club’ coming June 2015 MMA News 

Female version of ‘Fight Club’ coming June 2015

Female version of ‘Fight Club’ coming June 2015

Feature Film entitled : FIGHT VALLEY

Celebrity Appearances: UFC’s MIESHA TATE , Heavyweight Boxing Champ LENNOX LEWIS, MMA fighter Tara Larosa

Seeking: Lead/Starring/Supporting Female Roles

Movie Synopsis
23 year-old ,Windsor Coro, attends a funeral of her dead sister, Tory Coro whom was killed in a underground fight club match. Feeling responsible for her sisters death , by denying her a loan to better her life just a few weeks prior, she moves back home to Camden, New Jersey to find out what happened and live in her sisters footsteps. She soon finds out that Tory got involved in the underground world of fighting and bi-sexuality. 

Rumor has it she died at a place called FIGHT VALLEY. A club nobody speaks about. Women who are having a tough time making ends meet can fight for money. Its simple. If you have a problem with someone, you can fight them, AND be paid for it ! Without the fear of being arrested. It’s a business for two Gentleman known as STAKES and GAMBLE (LENNOX LEWIS). He makes a pretty good fortune off the female fight club. The catch is, not anyone can get invited. In order for Windsor to compete against the fighter that killed her sister, she must work her way thru the ranks. And that means starting fights on the streets. She has one mission. Earn the invite to the secret fight club and find the girl that killed her sister. 

Only problem is, Windsor doesn’t know how to fight. Until street fighter “JABS” (MIESHA TATE) , who lives above her father’s rustic starving boxing gym, takes her under her wing and trains her to compete. But JABS has a dark secret of her own that Windsor doesn’t know. It’s knuckle to knuckle, and skin to skin, in this adrenaline pumping, action packed world of bi-sexuality and female fights. 






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