Fight To Win Pro 51 Results

Fight To Win Pro 51 Results from Brooklyn, New York

Tonight, for the first time ever, Fight To Win Promotions will be in New York. Fight To Win Pro 51 is live from the Aviator Sports and Events Center located at 3159 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, New York.

The main event features local black belt standout from Marcelo Gracie BJJ, Gianni Grippo vs. Lovato BJJ’s, Justin Rader in a no-gi lightweight championship bout. Both competitors have competed for Fight To Win Pro in the past. Grippo defeated Dustin Akbari via submission due to armbar at F2W Pro 38 and Rader defeated Bruno Frazatto by decision at F2W Pro 35.

The co-main event features former UFC and Strikeforce fighter, Jake Shields who is currently training with The Danaher Death Squad at Renzo Gracies and helping Georges St. Pierre prepare for his upcoming title fight at MSG vs. middleweight champ, Michael Bisping. He takes on Unity BJJ founder and local, Murilo Santana. Santana, like Shields, most recently competed at the ADCC in Finland in mid September. Santana will be making his debut for F2W while Shields will be making his second trip beating current UFC fighter Lyoto Machida by heel hook last year.

The original main event was ADCC -77 KG division, champion JT Torres vs. former UFC and current Bellator MMA fighter Benson Henderson. Henderson pulled out earlier this week with an injury he sustained from his last Bellator MMA fight last month. Still, with this fight off, the rest of the card looks very promising.

Doors at The Aviator Sports and Events Center open at 5 and the first fight is at 6 pm.


Fight To Win Pro 51 Results:


Main Main Event

Black Belt Light Weight NOGI Title

Gianni Grippo (Marcelo Gracia BJJ) vs Justin Rader (Lovato BJJ): Gianni Grippo winner by decision

Co- Maine Event

185lbs Black Belt NOGI

Murillo Santana (Unity) vs Jake Shields (Renzo Gracie): Jake Shields  winner by decision.

180lbs Black Belt Gi

Marcos Tinoco  (Marcelo Garcia BJJ) vs Thomas Keenan (TKBJJ): Marcos Tinoco winner by decision.

170lbs Black Belt NOGI

Mansher Khera (Unity) vs Dom Hoskins (BJJ Revolution): Mansher Khera winner by heel hook.

190lbs Black Belt GI

Lincoln Perriera (Renzo Gracie) vs Joe Oppedisano (Essential BJJ): Lincoln Perriera winner by decision.

210lbs Black Belt NOGI

Tex Johnson (Unity) vs Khyl Farrison (Tac Team BJJ): Tex Johnson winner by kneebar.

132lbs Black Belt GI

Alex Ecklin (Masterskya) vs Jimmy Santiago (Animals MMA): Alex Ecklin winner by toehold.

125lbs Black Belt NOGI

Vianca Jager (ECU) vs Fiona Watson (Fight Club Jiu Jitsu): Vianca Jager winner by decision.

165lbs Black Belt Gi

Marvin Lee (Long Beach BJJ) vs Van Flores (Vitor Shaolin BJJ): Van Flores winner by decision.

180lbs Black Belt Gi

Joe Thompson (Soca BJJ) vs Robert Gutierrez (ECU): Robert Gutierrez winner by armlock.

200lbs Black Belt GI

Luis Martinez (Dojo NYC) vs Radji Bryson-Barrett (Team Jucao): Radji Bryson-Barrett winner by decision.

160lbs Black Belt GI

Thomasz Piotrowski (Vitor Shaolin) vs Alex Oliveira (Renzo Gracie): Alex Oliveira winner by decision.

210lbs Brown Belt Gi

Devhonte Johnson (Unity) vs Jacob Prussman (Soca BJJ): Devhonte Johnson winner by head and arm choke.

155lbs Brown Belt Gi

Nicholas Salles (Marcelo Garcia) vs Dennis Pressey Jr (Atos): Nicholas Salles winner by collar choke.

150lbs Brown Belt NOGI

Frank Rosenthal (Renzo Gracie) vs Mike Davila (Marcelo Garcia): Mike Davila  winner by decision

170lbs Brown Belt Gi

Rehan Muttalib (Marcelo Garcia) vs Nick Norman (ECU): Rehan Muttalib winner by triangle armbar.

185lbs Brown Belt NOGI

Ryan Quinn (Renzo Gracie) vs Matteo Martinez (Matteo BJJ): Ryan Quinn winner by decision.

165lbs Brow Belt NOGI

Roothchild St Germain (Unity) vs Omar Kadi (Marcelo Garcia): Omar Kadi winner by rear naked choke.

195lbs Brown Belt Gi

Felipe Rocha (Essential BJJ) vs Chinnonye Okafor (Marcelo Garcia): Felipe Rocha winner by decision.

220lbs Teen Blue Belt Gi

Rayron Gracie (Renzo Gracie) vs Joao De Lima (Unity)

140lbs Teen NOGI

Ben Bagbek (Gracie Barra) vs Hunter Simoes (Animals MMA): Ben Bagbek winner by decision .

87lbs Yellow Belt GI

Joshua Jorgge (East Coast MMA) vs Jalen Mitchell (Unity BJJ): Jalen Mitchell winner by flying triangle.

175lbs Purple Belt NOGi

Alex Nemeth (Strategic BJJ) vs Mattheus Lutes (Marcelo Garcia BJJ): Mattheus Lutes winner by decision.

160lbs Purple Belt GI

Sean Yadimarco (Savarese BJJ) vs Andrew Franco (Unity BJJ): Andrew Franco  winner by decision.

175lbs Purple Belt Gi

Marcelo Aguilar (Robson Moura) vs Bobby Issapour (Over and Under): Marcelo Aguilar winner by ankle lock.

152lbs Purple Belt NOGI

Tim Mcnamara (Renzo Gracie) vs Christopher Kerbis (Unity BJJ): Christopher Kerbis winner by armbar.

175lbs Puprle Belt GI

Antoine Delannoy (Pure MMA) vs Bryant Johnson (Lionheart MMA): Antoine Delannoy winner by heel hook.

140lbs Purple Belt GI

Natalie Bryjova (Diesel Training Center) vs Margot C. Ciccarelli-Tang (Unity):  Margot C Ciccarelli-Tang winner by decision.

155lbs Purple Belt NOGI

Andrew Solano (Sucker Free Jiu Jitsu) vs Damien Anderson (Renzo Gracie): Damien Anderson winner by decision.




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