Fiore and Moore Earn Victories: MMA Platinum Gloves 9 Results

Fiore and Moore Earn Victories: MMA Platinum Gloves 9 Results

Fiore and Moore Earn Victories: MMA Platinum Gloves 9 Results.

St. James, Long Island – Last night at The Sports Arena MMA Platinum Gloves hosted their ninth installment. In the main event, Shaquan Moore defeated Danny Ochart in a controversial decision, and in the co-main event, Nick Fiore showcased his excellent technique in a successful title defense against James Gonzalez. All eight bouts took place in front a crowd exceeding 800 fans.

Moore and Ochart went three full rounds in the main event, which was originally scheduled for the bantamweight title. Due to Moore coming in eight pounds overweight, the bout was no longer a title fight. The two fighters stepped into the cage and delivered a show for the fans.

In the first round, the two fighters wasted zero time to engage one another. They landed a number of strikes to each others head and body with kicks thrown in the mix. From the clinch, both Moore and Ochart landed knees. Moore earned a takedown, but before he could land any strikes, Ochart returned to a standing clinch against the fence. Moore landed several knees to Ochart’s legs before Ochart reversed the position, landing knees of his own to Moore’s body. after backing away, Ochart slipped when throwing a head kick, putting him on his back. Moore leaped on him as Ochart tried to get up, taking Ochart’s back just as the bell was rung.

The second round began with the two fighters delivering strikes to each other as the crowd chanted “Ochart”. After a failed attempt for a takedown by Moore, Ochart landed on top taking Moore’s back, and quickly got to work. Putting leg hooks in, Ochart worked the body and head of Moore as he searched for a Rear Naked Choke. Moore spun out and Ochart transitioned into an arm bar. Moore escaped once again and threw a few punches. Ochart quickly dragged Moore back to the ground. After the defending bantamweight champion delivered some ground and pound. Moore eventually climbed the fence, getting back to his feet and earned a quick takedown before the end of the round.

At the start of the third round, Ochart went on the attack landing a few head strikes, a kick and a couple of knees to the body of Moore. after backing up, Moore got Ochart against the fence and after ten seconds, finally pulled him to the canvas. Moore finally was able to get several shots off on the champion. After a scramble Moore had Ochart’s back for a brief moment until the champion spun out into the full guard position from the top. The champ landed a couple strikes before another scramble that brought both fighters to their feet. Moore had Ochart against the fence and leaped on the champions back, slid off and Ochart stood over Moore throwing three strikes before taking his back. Moore spun out taking a top full guard position. A couple of strikes thrown by Moore from the top and Ochart on bottom, another scramble began as the bell sounded the end of the bout.

Moore earned a decision victory over Ochart by a score of 30-27, 29-28, 29-28.

In the co-main event, Nick Fiore of Bellmore kickboxing proved to the fans why he is the champion with his impressive victory over a game opponent in James Gonzalez of Serra BJJ. Fiore’s win last night was his third successful title defense for MMA Platinum Gloves and improved his record to 7-0.

The first round of action Gonzalez came out looking for a takedown. Fiore demonstrated his strong wrestling skills with excellent takedown defense. Fiore controlled the center of the cage pressuring Gonzalez with his heavy hands and accurate striking.

At the start of the second round, the Serra BJJ fighter that scored his best shot of the fight with a head kick that stunned the champion for a second. He quickly recovered and continued his attack. he defended the multiple takedowns throughout the remainder of the fight. Fiore continued to control the center of the cage using a mixed arsenal of striking techniques. In the second round when the fight was on the ground, Gonzalez used his strong Jiu Jitsu skills to attempt a submission. Fiore used excellent hip positioning and hand control to defend against Gonzalez’s attack.

Throughout the third round, Fiore’s accuracy with his strikes began taking a toll on Gonzalez. Gonzalez attempted multiple takedowns that was shutdown by Fiore’s heavy sprawls. Fiore forced Gonzalez to stand with him where he was clearly the better fighter. The confidence in Fiore grew through the three rounds of action, clearly becoming more dominate as the fight progressed.

Fiore earned an impressive unanimous decision victory over Gonzalez by a score of 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

In the heavyweight fight between Brett Sanchez and Dan Diaz, Sanchez pulled out a comeback victory after being controlled for two rounds by the larger fighter, Diaz. Sanchez weighed in at 228-pounds and Diaz came in at 253-pounds. For the first two rounds, Diaz rushed Sanchez against the Fence and dragged him to the mat. While on the ground, Diaz did enough work to not be stood up by the referee. At the start of the third round, it was clear Diaz was gassed out and Sanchez took advantage assaulting him with heavy strikes forcing Diaz to drop to a knee covering up and eventually his side before the referee ended the bout.

Sanchez defeated Diaz via TKO in the third round at 1:35.

The fans witnessed eight great fights at The Sports Arena in St. James. MMA Platinum gloves looks to return to the same venue in late July.

Below is the official results of the MMA Platinum Gloves 9 event.

Shaquan Moore (7-1) (East West MMA) def. Danny Ochart (3-1) (Long Island MMA) via Unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28, 29-28.

Nick Fiore (7-0) (Bellmore Kickboxing) def. James Gonzalez (3-2) (Serra BJJ) via Unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

Lathan Harmon (1-1) (Royal Boxing) def. Dave Della Rocca (2-1) (Vamos BJJ) via TKO in Round 2 at 2:21.

Brett Sanchez (2-0) (Vamos BJJ) def. Dan Diaz (2-1) (Taphouse MMA) via TKO in Round 3 at 1:35.

Isaac Haynes (3-0) (Horseman MMA) def. Jason Olcott (1-1) (East West MMA) via Disqualification due to not having gloves checked by commission prior to fight.

Matthew Semelsberger (1-1) (Clinch Academy) def. Ryan Schappert (1-1) (Long Island MMA) via Split Decision 30-27, 30-27, 28-29.

Andrew Jesmain (2-0) (Horseman MMA) def. Joe Lowe (0-3) (Lowe MMA) via TKO in Round 1 at 2:07.

Austin Wolfson (2-0) (Bellmore Kickboxing) def. Nicholas Moore (1-1) (Troy MMA) via Triangle Choke in Round 1 at 1:27.

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