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Dana White and Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather And The Potential For A UFC Future: Will He Be As Successful?

Both UFC and boxing have seen unprecedented success in terms of viewership in recent months and with the potential second cross over match between McGregor and Mayweather, this is only set to continue. In this article, we will be looking into whether or not the boxing legend will be just as successful in the world of UFC.

The Career Of Floyd Mayweather

With a total undefeated streak of 50-0-0 the superstar that is Floyd Mayweather is known around the world for his abilities in the Ring. With several outstanding opponents faced and many battles won his career is rather impressive. Making his start in 1996 Mayweather Junior was off to a flying start with quick-moving feet and technique that is admired by a number of other pro boxers, it is no surprise that he is one of the best boxers to ever grace the ring. Known as the boxer of this generation, this superstar has had a lot to live up to as he continues to retain this title. But as the recent contract with Conor McGregor suggests an MMA style bout, could we see the two going head to head in the octagon.

The Potential Of A Fight With Conor McGregor

Following there fight in 2017, there has been a vast amount of buzz surrounding the potential MMA fight between boxing legend Mayweather and UFC professional McGregor. The UFC professional tried his hand at boxing in 2017 with his debut match against Mayweather which he ultimately lost. Since then he has been claiming there is a verbal contract between the two. In this contract, McGregor stated that Mayweather claimed there would be a boxing match followed by a rematch in the MMA fighting style. However, with no proof on this subject, it is hard to prove who is right and how is wrong. However, with many looking forward to a matchup of this size, it is certainly an event that would prove beneficial for both boxing and UFC as a sport. When asked about whether or not McGregor thinks he can defeat Mayweather, he had this to say:

“I know I’d beat Floyd, I’d beat Floyd if we rematched. When we rematch. He’s not going to do a mixed martial arts bout like he said. It was supposed to be. It was supposed to be me boxing, then we’ll do a mixed martial arts bout.”

However, as the buzz around this potential matchup in MMA continues, there are many wondering just how successful Mayweather would be at MMA due to his rigid posture in the boxing ring. This is a promising time for the industry however as the latest press provides the latest updates in legalbetting and other online bookmakers taking bets on whether or not this event will ever actually take place.

The Differences Between MMA And Boxing

When looking into whether or not Mayweather would be successful in MMA you must first look at the differences between this and boxing. This can not only affect the agility of a fighter, but there is also a question of the physic of the fighter as well as stamina.

One of the biggest differences in sports, of course, is the rules. In boxing, you are only allowed to punch and these have to be above the belt. This therefore present issues for McGregor who is not used to this style of fighting as the rules and techniques are far more restrictive. However, should Mayweather take up the offer, this could play in McGregor’s favour.

Another major difference is the knockdown rule. This is a significant rule in boxing and can affect whether you win or lose. If a fighter is knocked down in MMA the fight continues until the ref calls it off. However, in boxing three knockdowns can lead to a loss. This is a tough rule to get around when boxing and is something that many MMA fighters have to get used to quickly. They not only have to alter their centre of gravity, but they have to ensure that they are stable at all times to prevent themselves from falling.

Could Mayweather Be As Successful In MMA?

As the talk of a Mayweather crossover continues to rumble on, many former UFC stars have been weighing in. Though Mayweather has the power in the ring, many are saying he will struggle when it comes to MMA. One of his main problems is defence.

According to a number of UFC professionals, the boxing legend would struggle with his defence in the octagon. When moving his head and core to avoid punches he opens up his legs to attack. Though this is not an issue in boxing, this could be problematic in UFC as a kick can open him up to many issues. Because of this and several other changes to his strategy, many are wondering whether or not Mayweather will ever make his way into the octagon against McGregor or if this will just be something that lives on in the dreams of UFC and boxing fans. However, with a number of events being planned for the latter half of 2020, we could see the two go head to head once again, only time will tell.

The Future Of The UFC

Another element that many are considering is the future of UFC and their superstars. With past signings such as CM Punk from WWE trying his hand at MMA, the future is looking bright for the sport. This is huge for a number of people that are excited for the sports as UFC fighter Ronda Rowsey is now part of the WWE universe. Should this continue, this could bring a new meaning to UFC and the potential of new and emerging superstars in both sports.
With this in mind, there is a promising future for both boxing and UFC at this time as both sports begin to receive a surge of popularity, but could we ever see a cross over between the two parties heading into the octagon? Only time will tell as 2020 continues.

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