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Former NHL’er Chris Therien talks ‘Ice Wars’ airing May 21 on FITE TV

Interview with Chris Therien above

12-year NHL defenseman Chris Therien talks about working with ‘Ice Wars’ prize fighting on ice, which takes place May 21st from Edmonton and on FITE TV. Chris also spoke about how he got involved in this event, the toughest player he ever fought and which former NHL player he thinks could have transitioned into MMA.

“Probably Craig Berube, he’s cooky enough. He’s extremely skilled with his hands. There’s a lot of guys, I go through the list of people I’ve been involved with. I think there are tons of guys that would have done very well in MMA if they had done it earlier. Some guys were just too big, just bomb punchers and it’s not as entertaining.” 

Finally – The most exciting part of hockey, without the hockey!

A revolutionary combat sport featuring some of the roughest and toughest players in the sport of hockey battling it out for Hockey Enforcer supremacy!

May 21 live from the River Cree Casino in Edmonton, Alberta will be Must See TV with the inaugural one night – 8-man Heavyweight King of The Rink Tournament!

Each bout is 2 one-minute rounds, with a 30 second ‘Ice Breaker’ overtime round in case of a draw! No long drawn-out fights – just rock ’em sock ’em hockey fights!

Ice Wars will be streamed live on FITE on Saturday, May 21 at 9:00 pm ET / 7:00 pm MT. You can order and watch the event below via FITE TV. For those in Edmonton or Alberta broadly, they can purchase tickets for the event at the River Cree Resort & Casino through Ticketmaster (must be 18+ to attend).

Order ICE WARS below for $19.99

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