Jason Heflin - Matchmaker for Full Metal Fight Promotions

Full Metal Fight Promotions to hold Muay Thai card in Pottstown

Full Metal Fight Promotions to hold Muay Thai card in Pottstown

A new fight organization promoting Muay Thai and Kickboxing bouts will launch their inaugural show Saturday, November 19 in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.  Full Metal Fight Promotions matchmaker Jason Heflin, a Marine Corps Veteran and owner of a 1-1 professional mixed martial arts record, spoke with MyMMANews.com about the event.

Start at the Beginning

“Launching our own fight promotion was something we’ve been throwing around since my partners, Morgan and Terri Arthur, and I first opened High Voltage Gym in Limerick, Pennsylvania, almost six years ago,” said Jason Heflin.

Jason Heflin - Matchmaker for Full Metal Fight Promotions
Jason Heflin (center) – Matchmaker for Full Metal Fight Promotions

We knew it was only a matter of us saying, ‘Lets go.’ We’ve been yelling for someone to put on fights out here in Montgomery County for the longest time. There have only been two that I can remember, and they went well, so we thought why not us?” Heflin said.

“There has never been a legit organization for young up-and-comers to work on their craft out here. They have had to travel hours to compete and support their teammates. Our area is a hot-bed for Muay Thai and MMA gyms with some of the best ones in our back yard,” Heflin stated.

Leaving The Fight Game…. But Not Really

Jason Heflin, Marines, Marine Corps
Jason Heflin (center) during a deployment while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps

“Fighting was and is therapy for me. It helped me deal with PTSD from the war.

“I love to fight but I will not fight MMA again. A Muay Thai fight is on my bucket list, so there is most likely one in my future.

“Morgan told me that you can’t fight forever, and if you want to stay close to it this is a great way.

“I agree, and I’m hopeful for the future and what it holds as a matchmaker for Full Metal Fight Promotions,” the Marine Corps Veteran said.

Setting the Card

“We do have a tentative line up that we’re sending to the commissioner this week. We have 10 bouts on the card. All of them are young, scrappy dudes.”

Jason Heflin talks Full Metal Fight Promotions inaugural fight card

“I have taken care of the matchmaking for the show. Everyone that I reached out to was so helpful. If they didn’t have any fighters to send our way, they called people they knew and sent them to us. Terri did all the promoting and Morgan handled the sponsorship,” Heflin said.

“We have taken the mentality that we’re throwing a party with people fighting there. Its going to be a wild show and nonstop fun for the whole family. All of these young men are hungry and ready to show the world their skills. This will also be my third time announcing, and it is one of my favorite things to do.”

Get Tickets

Tickets are on sale from the fighters, High Voltage Gym in Limerick, PA, and fullmetalfightpromotions.com

Full Metal Fight Promotions would like to thank their sponsors:

The Railroad Street Bar and Grill in Linfield, PA

Patriot Chevrolet in Limerick, PA

Gravel Pike Inn in Collegeville, PA

Full Metal Fight Promotions - November Knockout

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