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Gabriel Wanderley: ”I want my record to be 6-0 this year, then turn pro in 2022”

I had the great pleasure of talking to 3-0 amateur mixed martial artist, Gabriel Wanderley, out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Wanderley is a four-time World Kids’ Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion.

My first question for him was, how is the preparation going leading up to your fight on March 26th for the Caged Aggression?

”Everything has been going great. My weight cut has been on point and this is the hardest I’ve trained before.”

You’ve done some cross training this camp over at Pura Vida MMA/BJJ Academy and working with guys such as Ode Osbourne (Dana Whites contender series winner) and also Montel Jackson (UFC Bantamweight), is that correct?

”The cross training has really helped evolve my game. I’m working with all types of fighters such as strikers, grapplers, wrestlers, etc… And I feel like I’m improving a lot not just in my jiu-jitsu but also my striking as well. And opening up my own gym with my father benefits me a lot. I can just focus on myself and being able to use my own gym anytime I want is really beneficial.”

How do you like being the Kids Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructor at your own gym?

”I love teaching the kids, I’m happy I do it one hour out of the day and it’s a good job to have for especially for someone who wants to turn pro and I get to teach them what I love”.

Can you breakdown what it is like in a day in your life during fight camp?

”So, I walk around at about 145-147 pounds and it’s fairly easy to cut down to 135 pounds. I’ve added cardio three times a week strength and conditioning thee times a week on top of all the training I normally do. And that’s very helpful with the weight cutting part. I usually don’t eat the best out of camp but the closer I get to the fight I’m more disciplined on my diet”.

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