Marcus Buchecha open to MMA fight with Gordon Ryan for debut

Interview with Marcus Buchecha above

Marcus Buchecha is definitely interested in facing Gordon Ryan — in grappling or MMA.

Earlier this week, ONE Championship chairman Chatri Sityodtong announced via social media the signing of the decorated 25-year-old American grappler. This came as no surprise to the Brazilian jiu-jitsu legend from his recollection of a conversation he had with Ryan about a year ago.

“He was telling something maybe to do a grappling match at ONE,” Buchecha told MyMMANews. “Because if I fight Gordon in a grappling match, I think ONE makes a lot of sense.

“It’s a big fight. It’s one fight that makes a lot of sense. Especially because we fought in the last ADCC and it was like a boring match. Nothing really happened so a rematch would be something that the audience would watch. I want the fight, he wants the fight so would make sense. Not a better place to do that but ONE Championship.”

Despite being enticed by the idea of a grappling superfight with Ryan, he is adamant that MMA is his focus for the foreseeable future.

“To delay the MMA I think there is no chance,” Buchecha said. “Maybe after one or two or three MMA fights I probably would fight him but not before that.

“Now I am focused so much. To stop everything that I am getting better. I am learning to fight jiu-jitsu again. I’m gonna feel like a huge step back. So makes no sense for me right now. Let me get a couple fights first and then I’ll think about that. But I wouldn’t fight him right now.”

With a grappling match out of the realm of possibility, a fight under MMA rules would be a much more marketable event.

“I never really thought about that but if we are in the same division,” the Brazilian said. “If he decides to fight heavyweight, I think it’s something that would be interesting because [we’re] both grapplers. Both doing debut. Why not but I don’t know if that is one of Chatri’s plans.

“I would fight. I’m just like a employee. If they throw me a fight, I wouldn’t say no. Especially because I think it would be really fair. I’m 0-0, he’s 0-0. More fair than that [is] impossible.”

Two legends of jiu-jitsu transitioning to MMA at the same time would raise many eyebrows and draw the attention of both communities.

“Both grapplers fighting MMA for the first time definitely would be really interesting,” Buchecha stated.

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John Hyon Ko
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