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Gamebred Fighting Championship: Masvidal’s Bare Knuckle MMA Promotion

Jorge Masvidal announced today that he is starting a new fight promotion called Gamebred Fighting Championship. This isn’t your run of the mill promotion either. Masvidal announced that this new project will be a bare knuckle MMA promotion, citing his roots as inspiration. 

Ahead of UFC 261, Masvidal announced on his Instagram today that he and the Latin hip hop artist, Anuel, will be working on the promotion and the first card takes place in Miami on June 25th. Viewing is not yet announced and will likely take be announced as deals get worked out.


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Gamebred Fighting Championship: Bare Knuckle MMA 

Jorge Masvidal’s roots are well known as he made his name on the backyard brawling scene with legends like Kimbo Slice. Gamebred Fighting Championship is an amalgamation of the two things that made Masvidal what he is today. The toughness built on the streets and the mixed martial artist we know today. 

Bare knuckle promotions have been popping up for some time now and are gaining traction in the combat sports community. By far the most notable is Bare Knuckle FC, which is strictly a boxing promotion. With its rise in popularity, bare knuckle boxing has taken off in fans minds. 

Alternatively, WLC has brought Lethwei to the forefront of martial arts from the far east. Lethwei is, of course, bare knuckle Muay Thai with headbutts. 

Interestingly enough, Gamebred Fighting Championship isn’t the first bare knuckle MMA promotion, nor will it be the only one around. Early MMA events and even the original UFC cards were bare knuckle but dropped the violence for more of an audience. In Poland, there is also a promotion called Wotore which is an MMA promotion that has shed the gloves. 

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