GrappleFest 12

Grapplefest 12 – LIVE STREAM – Dante Leon vs PJ Barch

On May 21st, Grapplefest 12 is back live on FITE! The fight card is already stacked and have well over 15 matches in the prelims and 10 matches in the main card with Dante Leon vs PJ Barch in the main event finishing the entire card with a bang!

The event takes place at Fusion in Liverpool, United Kingdom with an 11 am ET start time. You can order and watch below.

Tune in, order today and watch right here on FITE below:


*fight card subject to change

GrappleFest 12 lineup

Dante Leon vs. PJ Barch

Ash Williams vs. Keith Krikorian

Jon Blank vs. Eoghan O’Flanagan

Jacob Couch vs. Tom Breese

Micheal Pixley vs. Owen Livesey

Jack Grant vs. John Hathaway

Shane Fishman vs. Max Bickerton

Rosa Walsh vs. Sula Mae-Loewenthal

Dinu Bucalet vs. Josh Williams

Kate Bacik vs. Julia Scardone

Mick Stanton vs. Troy Mercer

Joshua Robertson vs. Tom Barry

Tom Caughey vs. Liam Alpang

Kris Leeson vs. Nathan Armitage

Cameron Donnelly vs. Stef Sanna

Hejraat Rashid vs. Kieran Fletcher

Stefan Biddles vs. Jake Goldthorpe

Callum Ellenor vs. Francesco Bartolotta

Tom Burroughs vs. Sam Gibbs

Evan Reid vs. Declan Williams

Sarah Greenwood vs. Lili Racz

Sam Barker vs. Ashley Wagg

Tyler Clacey vs. Brodie Greco

Danielle Tighe vs. Grace Colley

Abraham Dannan vs. Indigo King

Jamie Middleton vs. Dominika Krześlak

Graham Mealand vs. Mat Fitz-James

Aman Alim vs. Aaron Reilly

Vinny James vs. Benny Baldini

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