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How Much Technology Has Changed the Game for UFC Fans

We live in a digital era, surrounded by rapidly changing technologies that continuously shape a number of industries around the world, and UFC is no exception.

Thanks to technology, the UFC is bigger and more accessible than ever. In fact, just recently, Umar Nurmagomedov and Raoni Barcelos got booked for UFC Fight Night 217, ensuring we start off 2023 properly.

However, technology didn’t just make UFC more popular. It also helped create a ton of new activities that UFC fans can enjoy. We’re talking video games, sports betting, streaming services, and a ton more.

Online Video Games

Fighting games were always popular due to their fast-paced gameplay and high skill cap. Not only that, but you get to, quite literally, beat your opponent, so who doesn’t like the sound of that?

Currently, the two most popular UFC games are UFC Undisputed 3 and the latest installment in the EA’s UFC series, UFC 4. Even though Undisputed 3 was released more than a decade ago, the game stood the test of time and is still big among fighting game enthusiasts.

However, UFC 4 is where it’s at. The game features Real Player Motion Technology, making for a much more fluid experience and gameplay. It has a career mode that allows you to build your reputation from the ground up while enjoying the game’s fantastic mechanics, such as smooth transitions from upright fighting to grappling and the ground game.

Of course, with video game technology growing rapidly, we’re positive that the upcoming UFC games will have even more immersive gameplay and realistic combat mechanics.

Online Sports Betting

As UFC increased in popularity, so did betting on the sport. Nowadays, virtually every reputable betting site lets you bet on UFC while offering a ton of different betting markets to choose from.

Of course, online betting has been around for a while now, so it’s not like it’s the newest technology on the block. However, did you know that BC.Game Casino now offers crypto sports betting, allowing you to bet on your favorite fighters using crypto?

Crypto casinos like BC.Game Casino are an excellent example of how blockchain technology made online betting better and even more convenient. Not only that, but cryptocurrencies and betting on the UFC go together perfectly.


Namely, cryptocurrencies are usually more popular among younger generations. On the other hand, according to Statista, most UFC fans belong to the 18-23 and 35-44 age groups.

Add to that all the benefits of betting with cryptos, such as faster transfers, better security, and more transparency, and it’s safe to say that cryptocurrencies changed the game for UFC fans who like to spice things up with a bet or two.

Streaming UFC

Apart from online sports betting and online video games, faster and more reliable internet also brought UFC to millions of fans across the world. With global servers and high-speed networks, you can now stream UFC on any device, any time you feel like it.

For example, with the UFC Fight Pass, you can get closer to the action and access all live UFC events, live martial events from around the world, and exclusive series and shows. In addition, you can watch memorable moments across all combat sports and re-watch legendary fights from UFC, PRIDE, WEC, Strikeforce, and Invicta FC.

As a UFC fan, is there really anything more that you need?

Of course, the UFC Fight Pass is just one example of how technology and streaming services made UFC more accessible and gave fans something to enjoy. In reality, there are plenty of other platforms where you can enjoy UFC fights around the clock.

The Wrap Up

Considering the fast-paced era we live in, it’s pretty fascinating to think about what new technological breakthrough can give UFC fans something new to look forward to. It could be blockchain technology, virtual reality, or an entirely new concept.

Of course, while we can’t really say what the future holds, one thing’s for certain—technology will be an inevitable part of UFC’s growth. As far as fans go, we’re looking forward to finding out what the new UFC-themed gift technology can bring to us.

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