Michele Verroken, IMMAF

IMMAF Appoints Anti-Doping Disciplinary Council

The IMMAF continues to legitimize itself more and more. Today, the organization announced it has put together a disciplinary committee for anti-doping.

IMMAF announced the names for their disciplinary committee as well: Michele Verroken, Dr. Jack Kreindler, Prem Kumar, Veronika Nalbatska, and Dr. David Wang. Their stay on the board will last until 2023.

Verroken is honored to be part of the chair and building such a young, yet popular sport.

“Chairing IMMAF’s Anti-Doping Committee is a privilege as well as a challenge,” said Michele. “I want our programme to reach beyond the current anti-doping requirements to further the well-being of IMMAF members, athletes and their support personnel. We would welcome interest from like-minded people to assist our work.”

In order to get recognized by the Olympics, the organization’s main goal, they must get drug testing in place and abide by WADA standards.

“It is essential to our mission that IMMAF becomes a signatory to the WADA Code, to demonstrate the preparedness of the sport to achieve fair and clean MMA,” said Michele. “Being able to work in a coordinated way with the support of other anti-doping colleagues will serve our athletes better, ensure we attract the right support personnel to our sport and safeguard the well-being of MMA. For those who aspire to professional MMA, we set the foundation for doing it right and for those who aim to participate as amateurs, they can compete and train with confidence that the sport is protecting their interests too.”

IMMAF and their vision

IMMAF’s vision is simply stated: get mixed martial arts recognized by the IOC. Since the incorporation in 2016, that is what they’ve been working for, taking step by step. 

Stay posted to My MMA News to follow along with IMMAF’s quest for Olympic recognition. We will stay on top of the news as it comes in. Thanks for reading.

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