English Invasion 3 Results

Jaime Butcher Photo by Pablo Silva

Jack Hammer Promotions English Invasion 3 Results – Team USA Wins 3-2

Jack Hammer Promotions English Invasion 3 Results – Team USA Wins 3-2

Last night, Jack Hammer Promotion’s English Invasion 3 exceeded all expectations as Team USA and Team England delivered five action-packed bouts. Heading into the main event of the evening between Amarjeet Singh and Timmy Persaud, two titles and a team victory were on the line. English Invasion 3 took place in front of a sold-out crowd at Mulcahy’s Pub and Grill in Wantagh, NY. Thirteen fights took place Sunday night, including the five international bouts. Team USA won three bouts to two, taking the rubber match between USA and England, dating back to English Invasion 1. Doors opened at 4:30 PM EST, while fights kicked off roughly around 6 PM EST when ring announcer Matt Kaplan introduced the first fighters.

Main Event – Singh vs. Persaud

In the main event, Team USA’s Timmy Persaud fought his way to a unanimous decision victory against a tough opponent, Amarjeet Singh. Persaud and Singh battled each other through a five round fight. The bout was fought under Full Contact rules (Kicks only above the waist), which was being contended for the WKL and PKA lightweight World Championship.

The first round was a back-and-forth contest. Singh throughout the fight found much success inside of Persaud, where the American seemed to be finding success in his reach. Round one was a difficult round for the judges. Round two, Persaud found a little rhythm as he took the second round behind his sidekick. Round three was an interesting round, as Bobby Campbell and Kyle Carroll Commentated, were shocked by the point deduction, which we believed would play a factor in the fight. Campbell mentioned during the commentary that fighters are usually warned twice in Full Contact rules before losing a point, the referee may have warned Singh, but we couldn’t tell from the side of the ring. Campbell and Carroll, each believed round three was a 9-9 round after the Singh lost the point.

Round four and five were interesting rounds. It appeared as if in round 4 that Persaud was slowing down, and appeared as if Singh won the round. In round 5, Persaud utilized his long legs and landed numerous kicks on his way to winning round five.

The judges scored the five-round fight 48-46, 49-46, 49-45 in favor of the new WKL and PKA lightweight World Champion, Team USA’s Timmy Persaud.

Co-Main Event – Smith vs. Balsamello

In the co-main event, Malik Smith stepped inside the ring to battle Vinny Balsamello in the Jack Hammer Promotion’s Super Heavyweight Championship bout. The first round Basamello moved forward clinching Smith against the ropes. After the referee broke the two fighters apart, Smith stepped back giving himself space, and unfortunately, the fighter misstepped, dislocating his knee, appearing to have severely injured himself.

The fight was immediately ended and according to reports, Smith didn’t tear the ACL, which it resembled the type of injury which would tear ones ACL, but Smith stretched the patella tendon dislocating his knee, and once the doctor popped it back in place, he was relieved of the pain. Hopefully, for Smith, that is the extent of the injury.

The fight was ruled a No Contest. Which means neither fighter won or lose. Hopefully, fans will get to see both of these fighters back inside the cage.

Team USA vs. Team England – Zach Evans vs. Danny Ochart

In this Team USA verse Team England matchup, Zach Evans of England displayed his unique talent in front of the American crowd. Ochart hung in until the fifth round, when the final body shot that dropped Ochart forced the referee to end the fight.

Evans proved to all the witnesses in attendance and watching across the globe why he’s undefeated. Through five rounds the Englishmen poured on the assault that left the Team USA member bruised and battered. Evans puts together combinations unlike anyone else, working the body and head while sneaking in boot sweeps.

The welterweight doesn’t rest after landing a combination of three strikes. Evans’ combos end with five to seven strikes, takes a step back and continues pushing forward. To quote Evans’ coach, Chris Bladon, “He brings it to another gear,”. The accuracy and volume the Team England member dropped on Ochart was remarkable. Evans is an impressive fighter and he displayed professional championship level striking.

Ochart looked suffocated inside the ring as Evans pressured him into the corners. That said, Ochart earned Evans’ respect after he brought the world champion into the fifth round. Ochart managed to return to his feet after being dropped by a liver shot a couple of times. After the 8-count, the fight resumed. The Team USA fighter showed his true New York toughness as he was outclassed by an elite striker, but managed to answer the bell each round and withstand a beating most competitors would have folded under in the second round.

In the fifth round, Zach “The Mask” Evans landed the final body shot on his way to a TKO victory over Danny Ochart for the WKL welterweight world championship, at 1:27.

Owen Evans vs. Brian Canals

In this Team USA verse Team England matchup, England’s Owen Evans, the twin brother of Zach Evans, battled USA’s Brian Canals, who was a late replacement. Canals begged Jack Hammer Promotion’s President, Bobby Campbell, to get on the card and when this opportunity became available the Bellmore Kickboxing fighter leaped at this chance to compete for Team USA.

Evans showed his talent inside the ring as he brought it to the American. Canals came out strong countering kicks and landing several decent shots that caught Evans by surprise. Though it wouldn’t amount to enough to overcome the Englishmen’s aggressive Kickboxing style. Evans continued to push the pace while landing devastating kicks to the left leg of Canals. By the start of the second round, Canals volume of counters rapidly decreased and appeared to struggle walking on his leg.

“Owen’s very fluid with his kicks,” Zach Evans said during the post-fight interview about his twin brother. It’s the best way to explain how Evans landed his kicks against Canals. Much like his brother, Evans strung together combinations that overwhelmed his foe as he worked his way to a second-round stoppage. The speed, power, and angles Evans used to punish his opponent demonstrate he’s ready to make the leap to the professional level. Much like his brother, Owen will have a long and successful career in Kickboxing.

Team England’s Owen Evans defeated Team USA’s Brian Canals via TKO in Round two, at 1:59.

Team USA vs. Team England – J’aime Butcher vs. Hayley Boot

In a great matchup between two tough women, England’s Hayley Boot has only been training for a couple of years as she took on two-time Team USA member, J’aime Butcher. Butcher and Boot battled for the ISKA Intercontinental Full Contact Championship.

Butcher came out strong in the first round as she found an early rhythm with her front kick. Butcher used the push kick throughout the fight as her jab. The American used her reach to her advantage and prevented Boot from getting inside, where the Team England member found the most success.

Butcher controlled the first three rounds and appeared to be slowing down in the fourth round when Boot was able to get to the body of Butcher. Throughout the first three rounds though, The Long Island native frustrated her foe from across the pond. Landing numerous strikes to the face of Boot, Butcher easily won the first three rounds.

As Bobby Campbell and Kyle Commentated, they believed that Boot stole the fourth round of the fierce battle between these two women. The fifth round was a tough round for the judges to score as Boot came flying towards Butcher to start the round. Early in the round, she was finding success landing on the body and making her way up to the head of Butcher, The two-time USA team member bounced back the latter part of round five to score enough to make it difficult for the judges to score.

Jaime Butcher defeated Hayley Boot via Unanimous Decision (49-46, 49-46, 48-47), capturing the ISKA Intercontinental Full Contact Championship and avenged her loss verse Team England at English Invasion 2.

Team USA vs. Team England – Sophia Mirabella vs. Grace Partridge

Sophia Mirabella and Grace Partridge are two young ladies that demonstrated loads of potential. They both displayed toughness, heart, and determination inside the ring during their three round fight. As each lady continues to train at their well-respected gyms, the sky is the ceiling for them.
In round one, it appeared as if Partridge of Team England did enough by staying on the outside of Mirabella to win the round. She was sharp and accurate in the first round landing several kicks and strikes to the head of Mirabella. At the latter stages of the round, Mirabella was finding more success when she attacked Partridge against the ropes delivering body blows and overhand rights.
Round two and three, Mirabella showed the crowd why her nickname is the “Pitbull”. The young “Pitbull” powered her way through Partridge’s kicks and continued with her strikes to the body and head of team England’s youngest member. Mirabella showed her strength as she bullied Partridge into the corners while landing massive overhand shots.
Sophia Mirabella defeated Grace Partridge via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).

Fight of the Night – Johnny Pierro vs. Eric Shifter

In a three-round K1 fight, Johnny Pierro of Staten Island – UFC Gym went punch-for-punch with East Coast MMA’s Eric Shifter. The two 170-pound fighters went the distance beating the hell out of each other. The K1 fight eventually turned into a boxing brawl as the fight reached the latter part of the bout.

The two fighters drilled each other with powerful uppercuts, hooks, and straights. Both warriors stood toe-to-toe delivering the fans non-stop action. After two nut shots to Johnny Pierro’s boys, Shifter had a point deducted. Shifter’s lost point ended up being the difference in the decision.

Johnny Pierro defeated Eric Shifter in My MMA News’ Fight of the Night via Majority Decision, (30-26, 29-28, 28-28).

 (Photos Courtesy of Pablo Silva)

English Invasion 3 Results: 

Timojen Persaud def. Amarjeet Singh via Unanimous Decision (49-46, 49-45, 48-47).

Malik Smith vs Vinny Balsamello Via No Contest due to Malik Smith’s Injury in Round 1. 
Zachary Evans def. Danny Ochart via TKO in Round 5, at 1:27. 
Sharneka Wright def. Bryeanne Russillo via Unanimous Decision (30-27 30-27 30-27).
Sophia Mirabella def. Grace Partridge via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28). 
Owen Evans def. Brian Canals via TKO in Round 2, at 1:59.
Johnny Pierro def. Eric Shifter via Majority Decision (30-26, 29-28, 28-28).
Jaime Butcher def. Hayley Boot via Unanimous Decision (49-46, 49-46, 48-47).
Kyle Troyan def. Jeremy Keitt via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).
Tayvonne Thomas def. Kosim Devalle via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Zach & Owen Evans Post-Fight Interview –

Zach & Owen Evans Post-Fight Interview – Jack Hammer Promotions English Invasion 3

Zach & Owen Evans Post Fight Interview Jack Hammer Promotions English Invasion 3 Team England 4-15-2018


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