Jake Lindsey

Jake Lindsey on Connor Tierney “Gonna Chew Him up in the Clinch”

Jake Lindsey clashes with Connor Tierney in the headliner of BKFC 37 on March 4th.

Lindsey was a guest once again on Bowks Talking Bouts to discuss this contest being a welterweight title eliminator, the machinations of this matchup, and so much more. Excerpts from our chat are below.


Lindsey’s feelings on eventually vying for the BKFC welterweight title with a win here

“It’s weird though because in my contract it says that I get the title fight if I win. Now maybe that’s down the line. So maybe if what’s his name, Gogo?… Gogo Slavik (Gorjan Slaveski), is that the guy you’re talking about? I can’t pronounce his name but the guy who just won the title contention fight. Maybe they mean after he fights (Luis) Palomino for the belt. But I don’t think Palomino fights again, man. I think he vacates. Think it’s me versus Gogo, that’s what I’m thinking. I’ll tell you what Gogo is tough but I’m gonna carve him up, baby.”

Jake Lindsey

The thoughts on upcoming opponent Connor Tierney and the stylistic proclivities of the BKB vet

“Yeah, I mean Connor, he’s good at what he’s good at and he’s bad at what he’s bad at. I mean everyone has tendencies. He does things really well in fights every time but then he does other things really bad every time in every fight. That’s the same with me. So you really want to just exploit those weaknesses. I mean I’m not saying he’s good but dude… I’ve fought these guys. These hype train guys where like they’re talented, they’re skilled. Man, I was 19-0 once too, bro. I was the hot shit and then I got knocked out… I respect him. Respect everyone who steps in there.”

“I respect what he can do, I know what he can do. But I mean, I’m not;  Everyone acts like he’s fucking Roy Jones Jr.  I mean, I don’t know. He’s a pretty fighter, he dashes in and out, good head movement, yadda yadda yadda. But I mean, I think imma clip his ass. I think I’m gonna get in there. Tell you what, if I get my hands on him, he’s fucked. If he clinches with me for two minutes total in the fight, he’s going to be exhausted. I’m gonna chew him up in the clinch. But that being said I’m excited because he is a talented fighter and those are the fights I want.”


“He’s high profile, he’s tough, he’s skilled. Whatever, yadda yadda yadda. That’s what gets me going. I want to hunt predators. I don’t want to hunt deer, I don’t want to hunt prey. So I’m excited for it and I’ve been kind of training for him for a while. Because all the top four or five guys in my weight class have very specific styles. Palomino is a specific style, Connor is a specific style. Luckily for me, I have a lot of guys that can replicate how he fights. I don’t think his style necessarily is that difficult to counter. You have to be wary of a couple of key things.”

“You have to be on the entire time. Can’t fuck around. It’s just like fighting Palomino but different. You have to be on the whole time, you can’t be lazy for a second. But with the right game plan like if you watch his fight with Joe Elmore, man, Elmore won those first two rounds. Elmore’s 5’9 or 8 or some shit. His short ass arms and he’s touching Connor. He grabbed Connor up and just was wrecking him in the clinch. So I think Connor can hit hard.”

“He can put your lights out. He has really nice, quick, precise punches. Not a lot of volume and he kind of is like Dominick Cruz in the sense of he does the same cycle of footwork over and over again. So as long as I’m minding my P’s and Q’s and like I said if I just show the fuck up and be myself, I think it’s a good night for me.”

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