Luis Palomino

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Luis Palomino on Tom Shoaff “Make a highlight out of that fight”

Luis Palomino tests skills with Tom Shoaff in a lightweight title defense at BKFC 34 on December 3rd.

Palomino once again appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts and several subjects were dug into before this end-of-2022 clash. Excerpts from our conversation are below.

Luis Palomino

The complex feelings becoming a two-division champion in BKFC last time out against Elvin Brito

“Man, the moment was great. I don’t know if you follow all of my fights, but I always give respect to the fighters no matter what happens before. Except for one fighter, I’m not even going to mention his name because he’s an idiot. But I always give respect. I’m a very respectful person. I’m really about the martial art. I guess I’m old school, man. So, I’m about respect and if we go to war and everything’s said and done then the least that we can do is respect one another. I gave Brito that respect thinking that he had the word of a man.”

“So he took advantage at the fact that there’s something going on with BKFC and the Police Gazette belt. He took advantage of the situation and kept the Police Gazette belt. Like I would never do something like that. It wasn’t even a split decision. It was a unanimous decision. If you look at the three last rounds of the fight when I pick up the pace on him, he’s looking at the clock the entire time wishing to God that I don’t knock him out.”

Palomino continued, “Then this dude comes, he loses the fight which he earned both belts together. So how do you earn both belts together, fight and lose, but choose to keep one belt? That is the most ridiculous, dumb thing I have ever heard in my life. Something I definitely would not do. I guess we’re built different.”


Thoughts when the Shoaff bout offer initially came his way

“Man, look I’m all for giving love to those that have been putting in work. I think that Shoaff has been putting in work for a long time. He’s been in the organization longer than I have. I don’t think and this is just, you know, my honest thoughts. I don’t think he’s at the level of the last maybe two guys I’ve fought. But definitely has proven enough to earn a title shot because he’s been around the company for a while.”

Palomino continued, “If I’m not mistaken, he’s running a four or three-fight win streak. I think he deserves a title shot. He’s been in the grind, he’s been representing. So, let’s get in there and bare-knuckle it up, man. You know let’s see who’s the best to do this. I believe I come out with my hands raised and make a highlight out of that fight. That’s for sure.”

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