Jared Gordon

UFC Fighter Jared Gordon at CES NY 1: Teammate’s controversial ending to a fight, mock cut and when he’d like to fight next

I interviewed UFC fighter Jared Gordon after he cornered his teammate Sergio Da Silva at CES NY 1. I spoke with “Flash” talked about the controversial ending to his teammate’s fight, his mock weight cut and when he’d like to fight again.

You just finished cornering one of your teammates, it didn’t go exactly as planned, how did you think it was going before the controversial ending?

“Sergio has always been known for his ground game, this fight he wanted to go out there and he wanted to slug it out. That’s what he did, he was taking a little bit of a beating but he was giving it back. He was a grounded opponent and took an illegal knee and he had to stop fighting. He’s on the way to the hospital right now. I think he’s alright, he just wanted to check it out. It’s definitely an illegal knee, I think he had both knees on the floor or one knee on the floor, his forearms on the floor. These things happen in MMA and it sucks, but a wins a win.”

You just did a mock cut, how are you feeling, how was the process and are you finally glad it’s over?

“I made 45 before but unfortunately I missed weight on my first UFC fight so they made me move to 55. I think its obvious I’m too small for the 55 pound division. So I decided to prove to the UFC I can make the weight safely, I did a mock cut. Cutting weight sucks no matter what but I made it and I did it in a health state I think. It looks like their letting me go down, I was successful but cutting weight, especially when you’re not getting for it obviously sucks. But I accomplished my goal and I did it so it was a success.

Did you talk to any UFC officials to confirm you are going back down to a featherweight?

“It’s very promising. I did speak to the guys at the UFC Performance Institute, it seems as if they are going to give me their blessing to go back down.”

You are moving to Roufesport, when do you plan on getting back into the thick of things again?

“I never stop training. I’ve been training non-stop. I’m leaving out to Milwaukee on Sunday. I’m really excited for the change of pace, new teammates, new coaches, obviously they have created a lot of champions. My plan is to go out there and climb the ladder and become one of the best fighters ever.

Do you know who you’d like as an opponent yet and when you’d like to fight?

“I haven’t even thought about it because I’ve been competing at 55 and I just did this mock weight cut so I haven’t even been looking at anyone at the 45-pound weight division. But I really don’t care, I would fight anyone. I’d like to fight in July, so that’s the plan.”