Jarrah Al Selawe

Jarrah’s win streak against unstoppable champion

Jarrah Al Selawe will face Carlston Harris in the main event of Brave 16 hosted in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Jarrah Al Selawe will be entering the fight as the crowd favourite with maximum number of wins accumulated in Brave Combat Federation. Jarrah has won every fight that he had fought in Brave Combat Federation. The welterweight sensation from Jordan has a seven fight win streak which is the longest for a fighter from the Middle East.

However the chances are divided equally between the two warriors as Carlston Harris is recognised as one among the best in-ring strategists in Brave Combat Federation. In both his previous appearances the welterweight from Guyana undermined the game plan of his opponents by capitalising on their weakness and claiming victory without taking damage. However Jarrah had showcased strength in the striking and grappling departments in the previous fights. The career trajectory of Jarrah had showcased constant improvement over each bout. The popular Arab media platform had featured the Jordanian superstar among – Featured Arabs for August, as soon as he was announced to contend for the championship.

The welterweight division of Brave Combat Federation is one among the most competitive divisions in the promotion. The division will witness history as one of the most celebrated win streak in Middle Eastern MMA will be on the line against a fighter who had never been knocked out or submitted in 15 professional fights. The championship title defence will be epic for Carlston as he will become the first champion in mixed martial arts from Guyana to successfully defend the championship.

“I am determined to fulfil the dream of my coaches, family, friends, my countrymen and all those people who supported me by winning the championship”, said Jarrah Al Selawe.

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