Joey Beltran chokes on food during fight day breakfast, BKFC boss saves life

Joey Beltran chokes on food during fight day breakfast, BKFC boss saves life

BKFC Ft. Lauderdale headliner Joey Beltran chokes during breakfast

Joey Beltran will headline tonight’s Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship Fight Night card from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but he almost didn’t make it to the event.

“The Mexicutioner” Beltran was at breakfast this morning when a piece of food became lodged in his throat.  Of all the people in the room to save the former heavyweight champion, it was BKFC frontman David Feldman.

Beltran told TMZ that his coach was showing him an “old school Fear Factor video” or something related when he began laughing and then choked.

Joey Beltran chokes, talks with TMZ below:

“Of all people, the boss man had to come up and bust a Heimlich,” Beltran said. “Couple of pumps and I spit it out and I was all good.”

“So, contrary to popular people, David Feldman cares about us fighters!”

Beltran takes on Frank Tate in the main event tonight which begins at 9pm ET.

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Main Card

Joey Beltran vs. Frank Tate

Tom Shoaff vs. Bruce Lutchmedial

Howard Davis vs. Josh Wright

James Lilley vs. Adam Pellerano

Eduardo Concepcion, 181.3 vs. Doug Coltrane

Ravon Baxter vs. Leonel Carrera

Robert Fuller vs. Vinny Turiello

Famez vs. Justin Stills


Glendale Futrelle Bryan Duran

Gorjan Slavenski vs. Ramal Amanov

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