Jon Fitch

Jon Fitch gets his hand raised following a win inside of the Bellator cage.

Jon Fitch on Bellator Welterweight Tournament, Debut, Introducing Yellow Cards, “Such Great Heights” Documentary and More!

Sean Lennon talked to Bellator MMA welterweight Jon Fitch on The Fightlete Report. Jon who recently recorded a Bellator debut victory against Paul Daley talked about that fight, introducing yellow cards currently in MMA, “Such Greats Heights” documentary, and his thoughts on the recently announced Bellator welterweight tournament.

Sean Lennon – You had your big weekend back at Bellator 199 two months ago. How satisfied were you with your performance? You basically went in there and dominated him.

Fitch – “I can’t believe it’s been that long since the fight happened. It was good, I looked and felt good. Everything was fine but was a little disappointed that he didn’t fight back a little bit harder.”

Lennon – Knowing he had a lot of stuff on his mind, some kind of dispute with Scott Coker and Bellator MMA going into that event; from that standpoint when fighters go into cage with distractions, that doesn’t help?

Fitch – “Yeah it definitely doesn’t but I think there needs to be a rule to introduce yellow cards like Pride used to do back in the day.  If one of the fighters is clearly not fighting while all his energy is based around stopping the fight so he can get put up or gain position, he needs to be yellow carded.”

Lennon – 10 years ago you fought Georges St-Pierre at UFC 88 in Minneapolis and I felt “Such Great Heights” is the best MMA documentary that I’ve seen. Talk about that.

Fitch – “Out of all the documentaries I’ve seen and not just because I’m in it, it’s better than any of the other ones I’ve seen.  There hasn’t been another MMA documentary that I was like, I really want to watch it again. I think we would’ve had more success if we had more support, we couldn’t release it when we wanted to because we were trying to get permission to use two minutes of fight footage from the fight.  And the UFC was stalling and wouldn’t give us a definitive answer because they were trying to stall us out to make sure we wouldn’t do anything with the film.  By the time they put the film out there they had to change the soundtrack. The original had a killer soundtrack but they had to drop a bunch of songs because in between the time they made the film and released it the songs got popular and they couldn’t afford the fee to use them.”

Lennon- What are your thoughts on the recently announced Bellator welterweight tournament?

Fitch – “I think it sounds great and I’m hoping I get word soon that I have an opponent to start training for.”

Lennon – Anything else?

Fitch – “I have journals from way back from when I first started and I’ve been sharing random writings and break downs of stuff on my website”


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