Chuck Liddell and Jon Jones come face to face

Chuck Liddell and Jon Jones come face to face

Jon Jones to Chuck Liddell: “I don’t have to be retired to beat a legend”

Chuck Liddell is no doubt one of the legends in the sport of MMA, an icon dare say, having been responsible for creating some the UFC’s most historic moments and knockouts ever witnessed. Since retiring from active competition in 2010, and being inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2009, Liddell has had the chance to continue his contributions to MMA, most recently serving as the UFC’s President of Business Development.

But like any legend any of any sport, there always seems to be that competitive urge to wanna have one more shot at glory no matter what you’re doing to pass the time. Except in Liddell’s case that urge has increased heavily, so heavily that Monday on the MMA Hour Liddell told Ariel Helwani  “I will fight again,” after teasing a possible comeback back in 2013 on the Opie and Anthony Show.

While the news of a potential return may have you pumped enough to get a mohawk on your next barber shop visit,the man he wants to fight upon his return will cause you to wanna save all your money just see it happen, especially if that man is the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and P4P King Jon Jones.

“To be honest, in my mind, I’d like to fight two good warm-up fights, then I’d like a shot at Jon Jones,”

Yep, you heard that correctly, Chuck Liddell wants to fight Jon Jones in the 21st century.Who would’ve imagined it?

“I’m serious. I’d like a shot at him.” He’s dead serious folks.

Once Jones got word of the UFC legend’s desire to share the octagon with him, let’s just say his response was anything but flattering as he posted a tweet about Liddell’s challenge.


jon jones response to Chuck Liddell

Jones further continued his verbal onslaught on Liddell by posting his recent list of losses suffered prior to his retirement stating “And as far as you teaching me how to ‘really fight’… Obviously this fight isn’t going to happen anytime soon,but boy if this beef really heats up any longer? Oh the possibilities.

Do you think we’ll ever get to see Chuck Liddell get to fight Jon Jones?


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